There were sections of highway where motorists still had to be pulled out of sinkholes in the road.
Ed Eckhardt announced that with the encouragement he had been given by Belle Plaine, he would again sponsor a baseball team. It would be an independent team, meeting all state challenges.
At New Ulm took place the marriage of Miss Oleta Schuler of that city and Emmett Hessian of Belle Plaine. The couple took a wedding trip to Chicago.
Building activities started east of town. Paul Ruehling and Fred L. Mueller were getting new houses, Michael Solheid a complete set of new farm buildings, and William Reinke, Art Bieder, Thomas Chard, Charles Bowler, Adolph Shonka and Eldridge Edberg were putting up silos.
Members of the Kessler relationship held a family reunion at the Henry Kessler home. It was also in honor of Mrs. Kessler’s 70th birthday.
At the West Union church took place the marriage of Miss Ellen Olson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Olson, to Glen L. Berger of East Union. Attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Mellgren, Marie and Abigail Berger, Oscar Johnson and Nannard Anderson.
The 100-acre farm in St. Lawrence owned by Charles Schultz of Minneapolis was bought by Frank Wacher of Heidelberg, who took immediate possession.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Anderson were given a farewell surprise party on the eve of their departure to their new home at Braham.
At Holy Rosary Church in Minneapolis took place the marriage of Miss Airel Quinemoen of that city and Archie Townsend, who had been employed in that city for several years.
After a location in the Stratton block for years, the Irwin law offices moved over to the Conlon furniture store in order to acquire more office space