The proceeds of the raffle go into the scholarship fund which awards scholarships to local high school seniors of Irish decent. 

Belle Plaine's 2021 Shamrock Medallion Hunt begins with the accompanying clue.

The medallion is hidden within the city limits (not north of the railroad tracks).

 It is located on public property and is not more than six feet off the ground.

 It’s also not located on the historical house property or “inside” the Tiger Park baseball field.

The medallion is about 2 inches in diameter and has “Belle Plaine St. Patrick’s Day” inscribed on it. The prize for finding it is $100.

The Shamrock Medallion Hunt is a community event. Participants do not need to be of Irish descent. If you find it, call Don Meger at 952-454-6492.

If the medallion is not found this week, a third clue will be published in next Wednesday's Herald (March 10).

This year's festivities will take place Saturday, March 13.

The 2021 Shamrock Hunt is dedicated to  Jeanette “Sullivan” Gloege.

St. Patrick’s Day 2021

Clue #2

Jeanette was ample, a fine example of a great mother and wife,

Time to achieve, we will not grieve,

instead we’ll celebrate her life.

I’m feeling gitty, oh what a committee,

they make this great day happen,

Placed at the end, you have a friend, no time for nappin.

You’ll be stylin, seek asylum, four leaf clover,

How are you coping? I will be hoping, red rover, red rover.

It’s a Canuck, I’ll bet you a buck, St. Patrick’s Day fun,

Where have you been, you’re the kingpin, now you’re done.

I’m not on the floor, I’m over the door, we’ve only just begun,

I feel roped in, where have you been, let’s get-r-done.

Part of surviving, check out the diving, my cup runneth over,

Shamrocks galore, need I say more, some call them clover.

Oklahoma is the cure, oh my dear, Oregon maybe,

A drop in the ocean, go through the motion, don’t be a baby!

Henry Hawk, talk the talk, what does this mean?

Out of the barrel, pick your apparel, just make sure it’s green.

Build a raft, hone your craft, colorful rainbows,

Grist to the mill, what a thrill, strike a pose!

Our dear Jeanette, we’re not done yet,

your voice always said “take care”

It’s you we’ll be needing, at every meeting,

with that we’ll save you a chair.

St. Patrick’s Day 2021

Clue #1

If you aren’t Irish, then you’re I wish, one or the other,

A bone of contention, did I mention, I’ll tell you brother.     

Play some tunes, many moons, take that to the bank,

Tip Toe, we must go, who do I thank?  

Protect and defend, I will not bend, It’s an honor,

Argue the toss, you’re the boss, I may be a goner.

Love me tender, love me sweet, never let me go,

Calculated risk, get to the disk, you’re in the dough.

Yahtzee, how can it be, I’m on the market,

Bring your car, you’re the star, there’s even a place to park it.

Finders keepers, loser weepers, get my drift?

Hey there sweety, is that Tweety? This is my gift.

Set the pace, you’re the ace, Erin go Bragh,

Cool cat, what about that? What is the draw?

Save the date, Christmas don’t be late, roam around the block,

To infinity and beyond, duck on a pond, you’re on the clock.

Hail to Jeanette, she’s loving this I bet, she was oh so clever,

 thou it hasn’t been long, you’re not really gone,

You’ll remain in our hearts forever.

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