Ryan Laager

March is Mental Health Awareness Month. Throughout the month, the Junior/Senior High will be focusing on recognizing positive behaviors, words of encouragement and healthy coping skills.

March 4th - 8th, March REDness beings! We will be acknowledging students for showing RESPECTFUL behaviors and students will receive RED tickets when doing so. We will also be showing a 2-minute video, introducing Mental Health Awareness and have a focus on Words of Encouragement. One simple word or phrase can change the direction of someone’s day!

March 11 - 15, March REDness continues with acknowledging students for being ENGAGED. In advisory we will be showing a video introducing healthy coping skills.  Each student will then reflect on their own healthy coping skills, write them down on a notecard, which will then be hung in the commons area for all to see.

March 18 - 22, March REDness continues with acknowledging students when showing DEPENDABLE behaviors. We will end the week announcing which grade received the most RED tickets for being RESPECTFUL, ENGAGED and DEPENDABLE throughout the month of March.

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health and needs to be cared for on an ongoing basis. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can make the biggest impact. With a combination of being recognized for positive behaviors, hearing uplifting words of encouragement and utilizing healthy coping skills throughout the month; we hope that everyone feels a positive impact. We encourage you to be kind to others, have a positive attitude and acknowledge the little things in life.

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