Minnesota saw a slight dip in new COVID-19 cases in the past week, but a 25 percent increase in fatalities from the disease.

The state added 37,389 new cases in the past week, which is a drop of 4,874 cases from the previous week. However, 412 Minnesotans lost their lives from the disease between Nov. 30 and Dec. 7, up from 328 deaths the week before. To date, Minnesota has reported 356,152 COVID-19 cases since the pandemic started.

Cases in Tri-County Area

• Scott County added 979 cases in the past week, bringing its total to 9,656. Scott County also reported eight new deaths in the past week to bring its total to 62. According to Scott County Public Health, Belle Plaine added 56 cases in the past week to bring its total to 590 cases.

•  Sibley County added 83 new cases (a decrease of 5) in the past week, bringing its total to 873. The county did not report any new deaths and is holding at four.

According to the Star Tribune’s COVID-19 tracker data, Henderson’s zip code added 6 new cases in the past week to bring its total to 117. Gaylord has reported 224 cases (increase of 13), Arlington has 173, (an increase of 22), Green Isle has 80 (an increase of 5), Winthrop has 111 (increase of 12), Gibbon has 93 (an increase of 14), and New Auburn has 14 (an increase of 1).

•  Le Sueur County added 192 new cases in the past week, a 16 percent increase, bringing its total to 1,667 cases. The county also reported one new death and has had 12 deaths since the pandemic started. According to the Star Tribune’s COVID-19 tracker data, the city of Le Sueur added 36 new cases in the past week, bringing its total to 387 cases.

Le Sueur County’s 14-day case rate increased to 155.81, which is more than triple the rate that would require distance learning for all students. The case rate reflects the time period from Nov. 8-21.

Cases in Area Schools

The state reported no changes in affected schools in the past week. Affected schools in Sibley County include Hilltop Elementary School in Henderson, Sibley East Elementary in Gaylord, GFW Elementary in Gibbon, and GFW Junior-Senior High in Winthrop.

Tri-City United High School in Montgomery is also affected in Le Sueur County. In Scott County, Prior Lake High School and Shakopee Area Catholic School have reported outbreaks.

Schools are listed if they have reported five or more confirmed COVID-19 cases in students or staff in the building while infectious during a two-week period.

State Overview

The state conducted 360,686 tests in the past week, bringing its total to 4,623,492 tests on approximately 2,669,121 people.

To date, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of 4,005 Minnesotans. Of the 412 deaths that occurred in the past week, 232 (56.3 percent) occurred in long-term or assisted living facilities. To date, 2,645 deaths, or 66 percent, have been in long-term care or assisted living facilities. At the same time, there have been 12,760 cases in those facilities (a one-week increase of 1,374), which is 3.6 percent of all cases statewide.

Of Minnesota’s total 356,152 cases, 25,769 (an increase of 2,822) have been in health care workers and 314,138 (88.2 percent) no longer need isolation. In the past week, 1,567 people have been hospitalized, bringing the cumulative total to 18,358 since the pandemic started. The state also reported 236 patients needing ICU hospitalization, bringing the cumulative total to 4,015.

Cases in Congregate Care

A number of congregate care facilities in the area have reported COVID-19 exposure in the last 28 days. Exposure is defined as a person diagnosed with COVID-19 who visited, worked, or lived at the facility while contagious.

•  Scott County had four facilities drop off the list in the past week. Affected facilities include The Gardens at St. Gertrudes, Lutheran Home Belle Plaine, Shakopee Friendship Manor, Savage Senior Living, All Saints Senior Living in Shakopee, Mala Strana Care and Rehab Center in New Prague, McKenna Crossing in Prior Lake, and St. Gertrude’s Health and Rehabilitation Center in Shakopee.

• Sibley County added one new facility in the past week. Affected facilities include The Lodge of Winthrop (new), Good Samaritan Society Fairview, Good Samaritan Society Winthrop, Oak Terrace in Gaylord, Good Samaritan Society Arlington, Oak Terrace Health Care Center, and South View Living Center.

•  Le Sueur County added two new facilities in the past week and had one facility drop off. Affected facilities include Traditions of Waterville (new), Comfort Residence Le Sueur (new), Traditions of Montgomery, Ridgeview Le Sueur Nursing & Rehab Center, and Praha Village in New Prague.

Cases in Age Groups

Demographics for deaths compared to total number of cases are as follows:

• Age 100+: 66 deaths (an increase of 3); 240 total cases (increase of 59)

• Ages 90-99: 1,003 deaths (an increase of 105); 4,256 cases (increase of 497)

• Ages 80-89: 1,400 deaths (an increase of 148); 10,407 cases (increase of 1,219)

• Ages 70-79: 832 deaths (an increase of 94); 18,131 cases (increase of 2,008)

• Ages 60-69: 438 deaths (an increase of 40); 35,143 cases (increase of 4,004)

• Ages 50-59: 181 deaths (an increase of 16); 51,141 cases (increase of 5,437)

• Ages 40-49: 51 deaths (an increase of 3); 51,719 cases (increase of 5,567)

• Ages 30-39: 27 deaths (an increase of 3); 58,439 cases (increase of 6,021)

• Ages 20-29: 6 deaths (no increase); 69,508 cases (increase of 6,185)

• Ages 5-19: No deaths reported; 50,319 cases (increase of 5,584)

• Ages 0-4: 1 death (no increase); 6,802 cases (increase of 816).

Top Ten Counties in MN

1.  Hennepin: 73,298 (+7,047)

2.  Ramsey: 30,730 (+3,161)

3.  Dakota: 24,768 (+2,750)

4.  Anoka: 23,691 (+2,203)

5.  Washington: 15,474 (+1,596)

6.  Stearns: 14,840 (+1,197)

7.  St. Louis County: 10,070 (+1,293)

8.  Scott: 9,656 (+979)

9.  Wright: 8,733 (+1,102)

10. Olmsted: 7,534 (+733)


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