For the first time in five weeks, Minnesota surpassed 1,000 new cases of COVID-19, tacking on 1,300 new cases between July 13-19. This reflects an increase of 476 cases, or 57.7 percent, from the previous week. To date, Minnesota has reported 607,784 cases of the COVID-19 disease since the pandemic began in March of 2020.

Vaccination Update

On the vaccine front, 2,957,310 Minnesotans have received a full vaccine schedule (an increase of 25,155), which is 52.4 percent of the state’s total population. The number of Minnesotans who have received at least one vaccine is just above 3.106 million, or roughly 55 percent of the state population. In addition, 91.2 percent of people age 65+ in the state have received at least one vaccine dose and 66.1 percent of people age 12 and older.

Case and Vaccination Totals in Tri-County Area

• In Scott County, 83,621 people, or 56.1 percent of the population, have one vaccine dose, while 79,510, or 53.3 percent, have a completed vaccine series.

Scott County added 20 cases in the past week, bringing its total to 15,684 cases and 139 deaths (no change).

• Sibley County, which has seen relatively small gains in people getting the vaccine, had a big surge in the past week. The county vaccinated 611 more people in the past week, which is a stark contrast to the mere 131 new vaccinations the county reported over the past four weeks. Right now, 6,574 Sibley County residents, or 44.1 percent of the estimated population, have received at least one vaccine dose, and 6,315 (an increase of 596) are completely vaccinated.

Sibley County reported two new cases in the past week (an increase of 1), to total 1,379 cases and is holding at 10 deaths.

• In Le Sueur County, 13,370 people have received at least one vaccine dose, or 46.3 percent of the population, while 12,894 people, or 44.6 percent, are completely vaccinated.

Le Sueur County added 5 new cases (an increase of 1) to total 2,872 cases and 27 deaths (no change).

Cases in Schools

At this point, just two schools statewide, Coon Rapids High School and Pinewood Elementary in Monticello, have reported an outbreak in the past two weeks.

State Overview

The state conducted 78,232 tests in the past week, bringing its total to 10,491,915 tests on approximately 4,521,464 people.

While new cases are on the rise again, the good news is that deaths are not. The state reported 14 deaths (no change) between July 13-19, which prior to last week was a low not seen in 15 months. To date, 7,638 Minnesotans have died from COVID-19.

Of the 14 deaths that occurred in the past week, 5, or 35.7 percent, occurred in long-term care or assisted living facilities. To date, 4,491 (58.8 percent) of the state’s 7,638 deaths have been in those facilities. At the same time, there have been 18,559 cases in those facilities (an increase of 22), which is 3.0 percent of all cases statewide.

Of Minnesota’s 607,784 total cases, 43,078 have been in health care workers (an increase of 73) and 598,545 (98.4 percent) no longer need isolation.

Hospitalizations saw a slight uptick in the past week, with 129 (an increase of 24) more people being hospitalized. To date, 32,956 people have been hospitalized due to COVID-19. The state also reported 17 (a decrease of 4) more patients needing ICU hospitalization. To date, 6,669 people have needed ICU care due to COVID-19.

Cases in Congregate Care

Congregate care facility exposures are low statewide. Exposure is defined as a person diagnosed with COVID-19 who visited, worked, or lived at the facility while contagious. Facilities are removed if they have not had a new exposure for 28 days.

At this point, just 22 facilities statewide are on the list (an increase of 3); however, none of the facilities are in Sibley, Le Sueur, or Scott counties.

Cases in Age Groups

Demographics for deaths compared to total number of cases are as follows:

• Age 100+: 115 deaths (no increase); 336 total cases (an increase of 1)

• Ages 90-99: 1,792 deaths (no increase); 6,279 cases (increase of 7)

• Ages 80-89: 2,582 deaths (an increase of 4); 15,641 cases (increase of 28)

• Ages 70-79: 1,680 deaths (an increase of 2); 28,166 cases (increase of 65)

• Ages 60-69: 898 deaths (an increase of 4); 57,938 cases (increase of 125)

• Ages 50-59: 371 deaths (an increase of 2); 85,585 cases (increase of 167)

• Ages 40-49: 128 deaths (no increase); 87,763 cases (increase of 185)

• Ages 30-39: 55 deaths (an increase of 1); 100,042 cases (increase of 217)

• Ages 20-29: 14 deaths (an increase of 1); 112,497 cases (increase 247)

• Ages 5-19: 2 deaths (no increase); 98,917 cases (increase of 208)

• Ages 0-4: 1 death (no increase); 14,590 cases (increase of 51).

Top Ten Counties in MN

1. Hennepin: 117,052 (+268)

2. Ramsey: 49,702 (+103)

3. Dakota: 42,617 (+77)

4. Anoka: 37,718 (+98)

5. Washington: 25,679 (+63)

6. Stearns: 21,492 (+19)

7. St. Louis: 16,847 (+23)

8. Scott: 15,684 (+20)

9. Wright: 14,338 (+28)

10. Olmsted: 13,362 (+25)

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