Learning from the Past


January 23, 1919


Grim Reaper Claims Many in This

and Nearby Communities


Prevailing Epidemic Cause of Most Deaths Around Us

Mellvin and Milldred Johnson Contributed:

At the dawn of the new year, how many hopes were expressed for happiness this coming year since the past one had been so full of sorrows, but little we knew how soon happy houses were again to be chambers of Death. The sad experience Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Johnson of West Union had to live through last week when two of their beloved children, Mellvin Alder and Milldred, died, victims of the dread disease influenza and pneumonia.

They were taken sick a week previous. Mellvin, aged 12 years and six months, died on the 15th, and Milldred, aged 15 years, 10 months and 20 days, died on the 16th of January 1919. All possible efforts were made to save their lives but to no avail…

It is sad when old age takes from us our loved ones, but not so deep a sorrow do we feel as when youth is taken, and at no time of life are children missed more than at the age of these two whose love and sweetness added so much to make a real and happy home…

Clarence Sandquist

The J.A. Sandquist family was shocked to receive the news of the unexpected death of their son and brother, Clarence, who died at the hospital in Sioux City, Iowa, on Monday morning after a short illness with plural pneumonia and heart failure. The boy would have been 17 years of age next March 5th.

He left home on January 5th to attend an automobile school in Sioux City, left in the vigor of health and youth, and five days later was taken sick. When his illness developed heart trouble, the end came quickly.

The remains were brought here Tuesday and the funeral took place Wednesday afternoon with services at West Union church…

Rose Anderly

By Our Blakeley Correspondent:

Miss Rose Anderly, youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Anderly, passed away at the family home in Jessenland Friday after a long illness. She was very ill for some time with the prevailing epidemic and while weak from the ravages of the disease, pneumonia developed and was the cause of her death. All that her kind relatives and physician could do was done to save her but all they did was of no avail. Her death was not unexpected for no hope was entertained for her recovery several days.

She was born in Jessenland 20 years ago and her life spent in the vicinity of her home. She enjoyed perfect health up to the time the epidemic became prevalent. Her death came when she had made plans for her future happiness in the world that she loved so well…

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