Deaths in Minnesota due to the COVID-19 disease continued to decline for a third week in a row. The state saw an increase of 10 deaths on Monday, June 29, which followed eight consecutive days of single-digit death increases.

In total, 51 deaths occurred between June 22-29, the lowest single-week increase to date. By comparison, the state reported an average of 152 deaths per week between April 27 and June 8 and had 80 deaths last week.

As of Monday, June 29, Minnesota had 35,861 positive COVID-19 cases, reflecting an increase of 2,634, which is 100 more than last week’s increase but well below the 4,375 average weekly increase in May.

The younger generations appear to make up the bulk of the new cases, as people in their 20s saw a huge uptick in cases, with 975 new cases in the past week, up from 710 new cases the previous week. People in their 30s added 409 new cases in the past week.

A total of 79,818 new COVID-19 tests were administered in the past week, bringing the total to 592,955.

Of Minnesota’s total 35,861 cases, 31,225 no longer need isolation. Furthermore, 3,603 are in health care workers, 278 are currently hospitalized (a decline of 54 from last week and 174 less than three weeks ago) and 140 are in the ICU, a decline of 16 from last week.

To date, 1,129 of the state’s 1,435 deaths, or 78.7 percent, have been in long-term care or assisted living facilities, even though long-term care and assisted living facilities only make up 3,487 cases, or 9.7 percent, of all cases in Minnesota.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, COVID-19 cases have been confirmed at two Sibley County facilities: Oak Terrace Health Care Center and Good Samaritan Society Arlington.

Demographics for deaths compared to total number of cases are as follows:

Age 100+: 28 deaths (an increase of 1); 49 total cases (increase of 3)

Ages 90-99: 371 deaths (an increase of 9); 831 cases (increase of 14)

Ages 80-89: 491 deaths (an increase of 18); 1,554 cases (increase of 45)

Ages 70-79: 275 deaths (an increase of 5); 1,656 cases (increase of 66)

Ages 60-69: 170 deaths (an increase of 9); 2,944 cases (increase of 130)

Ages 50-59: 71 deaths (an increase of 6); 4,886 cases (increase of 259)

Ages 40-49: 17 deaths (an increase of 3); 5,543 cases (increase of 297)

Ages 30-39: 10 deaths (no increase); 7,082 cases (increase of 409)

Ages 20-29: 2 deaths (no increase); 7,514 cases (increase of 975)

In Minnesota, 3,801 cases have been in people 19 and younger (increase of 445 from last week), including 777 cases in children younger than 5, but so far no fatalities have been recorded.

Sibley County saw a big uptick with 17 more COVID-19 cases in the past week, bringing its total to 46. It remains at two deaths.

Scott County is ranked 11th (a drop from 10th last week) in the state for number of COVID-19 cases, with 641, an increase of 54 cases from last week. The county remains at four deaths.

Le Sueur County added 17 more cases to bring its total to 79 and remains at one death.

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