Minnesota saw a big decrease in COVID-19 deaths recently.

The Minnesota Department of Health reported 80 new deaths in the past week, down from 107 last week. In addition, there were four deaths on Monday, June 22, the lowest one-day increase since April 7. Between April 27 and June 8, Minnesota averaged 152 deaths per week.

As of Monday, June 22, Minnesota had 33,227 positive COVID-19 cases, reflecting an increase of 2,534, which is 65 more than last week’s increase but roughly 2,000 less than where the state was a month ago.

A total of 90,215 new COVID-19 tests were administered in the past week, bringing the total to 513,137.

Of Minnesota’s total 33,227 cases, 29,065 no longer need isolation. Furthermore, 3,392 are in health care workers, 332 are currently hospitalized (a decline of 21 from last week and 120 less than two weeks ago), and 156 are in the ICU, a decline of 30 from last week.

To date, 1,095 of the state’s 1,384 deaths, or 79.1 percent, have been in long-term care or assisted living facilities, even though long-term care and assisted living facilities only make up 3,407 cases, or 10.2 percent, of all cases in Minnesota.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, COVID-19 cases have been confirmed at Oak Terrace Health Care Center in Sibley County.

Demographics for deaths compared to total number of cases is as follows:

Age 100+: 27 deaths (an increase of 3); 46 total cases (increase of 2)

Ages 90-99: 362 deaths (an increase of 24); 817 cases (increase of 19)

Ages 80-89: 473 deaths (an increase of 25); 1,509 cases (increase of 62)

Ages 70-79: 270 deaths (an increase of 14); 1,590 cases (increase of 74)

Ages 60-69: 161 deaths (an increase of 10); 2,814 cases (increase of 152)

Ages 50-59: 65 deaths (an increase of 3); 4,627 cases (increase of 286)

Ages 40-49: 14 deaths (no increase); 5,246 cases (increase of 345)

Ages 30-39: 10 deaths (an increase of 1); 6,673 cases (increase of 439)

Ages 20-29: 2 deaths (no increase); 6,539 cases (increase of 710)

In Minnesota, 3,356 cases have been in people 19 and younger (increase of 445 from last week), including 699 cases in children younger than 5, but so far no fatalities have been recorded.

Sibley County has reported four more COVID-19 cases in the past week, bringing its total to 29. It remains at two deaths.

Scott County is ranked 10th in the state for the number of COVID-19 cases, with 587, an increase of 51 cases from last week. The county remains at four deaths.

Le Sueur County added 10 more cases to bring its total to 62, and remains at one death.

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