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Thirty Years Ago (1990)

Our Lady of the Prairie Catholic Church built a memorial to Sacred Heart Church in the church cemetery. About 35 people attended a memorial service on Friday morning, June 29, with Father Miro Wiese performing a 15-minute dedication. Sacred Heart Church merged with Sts. Peter and Paul’s Church in 1972 and was renamed Our Lady of the Prairie; the Sacred Heart building was torn down the previous spring. A sub-committee of Renee Schultz, Rick Krant, Pat Fogarty, and Steve Eischens planned the memorial. Steve Lehman and Gary Krant built the monument consisting of a statue from Sacred Heart Church and stones and bricks from the building.

After spending 28½ years with the State Bank of BP and serving as vice president for many of those years, Ty Buesgens of BP accepted a position with Taylor BancShares, Inc. as C.E.O. of the Jordan Bank.

Sheila Sponsel, 31, who lives between BP and Jordan, was crowned the 1990 Mrs. Minnesota on Sunday, July 1, in Bloomington. Sheila won the bathing suit category, most photogenic, and took second place in the costume category for her red apple evening gown. She received about $10,000 in prizes including a full-length mink coat, 14-carat gold and 1/3-carat diamond solitaire earrings, cash, and many gift certificates. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wolf of Jordan, Sheila was an owner of Sponsel’s Minnesota Harvest Orchard with her husband, Topper.

Temperatures climbed to a record 101 degrees on July 3 with strong breezes that dried out soggy fields, which resulted from 6.8 inches of rain in BP during 11 days in June.

Kevin and Marilyn O’Brien applied for rezoning and plat approval for the O’Brien Subdivision, located south of Hwy. 169 off South Street, east of Emma Krumbees. After a lengthy discussion at the BP City Council meeting on Monday night, July 2, a motion passed unanimously to get approval and comment from the city engineer and city planner on the preliminary plan for ten lots as it fits into an overall conceptual plan.

Theresa Nagel, age 7, daughter of Nicki and Gary Nagel, was accepted as a finalist in the Miss Minnesota Princess Pageant on July 7 and 8 at the Radisson Hotel in St. Paul.

Shelly Fogarty, Chris Kiewel and Candy Lambrecht of BP’s FFA Chapter attended the 1990 Washington Conference Program in the nation’s capitol. The week-long program helped FFA members improve leadership skills, develop an understanding of national heritage and prepare for more effective leadership roles in their chapters and communities.

The 1990 Tigers continued their assault on the BP baseball record books, winning three more games and advancing their record to 15 wins, 0 losses.  Pitching and defense played a major role in wins over Cologne (3-2), Morristown (11-1), and Chaska (4-3) as the stingy Tiger defense turned in three more errorless games while Tiger pitchers allowed only 14 hits and 6 runs over 27 innings of well-played baseball.

A group of 15 Native American youth spent three days helping the Scott County Historical Society clean the assistant ranger’s house in St. Lawrence Township, by removing old layers of flooring, wallpaper and linoleum in a historical house in the Minnesota Valley Trail State Park. The summer program, which provided youth with information on careers in natural resources, was co-sponsored by the Dept. of National Resources and the American Indian Opportunities Industrialization Center.

The logjam on the BP bridge on Hwy. 25 was released on Monday afternoon, July 2, but work continued since June 21 on the logjam on the Le Sueur bridge on Hwy. 93, despite some concerns voiced by the Army Corps of Engineers, who was concerned about the workers in Le Sueur using a large crane to pull logs up from one side of the river and putting them back in the river on the other side of the bridge. As a result, the Minnesota Dept. of Transportation decided not to use the crane, even though crews were making good progress with it.

60 Years Ago (1960)

It was a noiseless July 4th in BP, as there were no firecrackers. Many enjoyed the day at family gatherings with picnic dinners in the parks.

The use of chemical weed killer on corn was becoming popular, but the results were spotty. A field day was held for farmers to see the results of various chemical applications in the fields.

On most farms in the area, there was no knee-high corn by July 4th. It was mostly ankle high. The exceedingly wet spring made the ground too soft for machine planting and set the season back greatly. In addition, there was little hot weather to spur growth.

The Borough Council was planning construction of sanitary sewer and water mains. The expected cost was $19,000. It also approved a street sealcoating project which cost approximately $20,000.

Recording artist “The Highlighters” were announced as the entertainment for the teenage street dance during the Bar-B-Q Days celebration.

Firemen answered a call to the Nobel Lockrem home when an electric cord running to the washing machine started burning. The fire was extinguished without damage to the home.

A two-car, head-on collision on East Main Street resulted in injury to four residents and demolished both vehicles. Most seriously hurt was Irene Bigaouette, who was riding in a car driven by Richard Roufs. She suffered a broken kneecap and other minor injuries. Kenny Reinke and Carmen Diers were in the other car and received minor injuries.

Gilbert and Helen Stier bought Orcutt’s Tavern which Stanley Orcutt had operated for the past ten years. The new owners called the place “Gil and Helen’s.” They remodeled the kitchen and served lunches.

The basic price-support rate for 1960 wheat in Scott County was $1.95 a bushel for No. 1 wheat.

An early celebration of Independence Day resulted in a full house at the Scott County Jail. The eight cells were all full and a ninth man slept on a cot in the recreation area of the jail.

The number of radio calls handled by dispatchers working in the Scott County Sheriff’s Office increased by 12,207 over the previous year. A total of 37,728 were handled during the period from July 1, 1959 to June 30, 1960.

Richard John Goodspeed, 24, of Shakopee, was appointed a full-time salaried deputy by Sheriff W.B. Schroeder. He worked as a night patrol deputy, taking the place of Stan Davies who was shifted to the investigation of criminal matters.

M.J. Kehoe, who was serving his second term as Sibley County Commissioner from the 5th District, had filed for re-election. Robert Busse and Elmer Frederichs were running for the office of clerk of court.

Mrs. Edward C. Johnson, 81, died July 5 at Swedish Hospital in Minneapolis.

R.J. Wolter, 81, a resident of BP for six years, died July 4 at Arlington Hospital.

The Sieberlich family had a reunion at the BP Park. Another family reunion picnic was held at the Joe Leuwer home.

Sharon Krueger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Krueger, became the bride of Orville Laabs, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Laabs on June 25 at Trinity Lutheran Church.

The Tiger Town Team suffered its worst defeat of the season as league-leading Shakopee dealt the team an 11-0 shutout.


90 Years Ago (1930)

Grain cutting had become general in the area the first week of July. Corn was said to grow “faster than weeds could attempt to grow.”

It was a quiet July 4th in BP in more ways than one. That year the ban on firecrackers went into effect.

The Hottingers, who had moved here from Mankato, opened their new place of business. The sign proclaimed it the “Stop Inn.”

The Edward C. Johnson farm home was bereaved with the death of 14-year-old Olga.

Henry Eikenbusch of the Model Store departed on a summer’s vacation to his old home in Germany.

Following up a hunch, County Attorney H.A. Irwin took Jerome Bliss to Waupun, Wisconsin to make the identification. The attorney suspected Bliss was the assailant of John Janda. Bliss was a fugitive from a Wisconsin bank raid. Janda, coming from the city, picked up Bliss to give him a ride. At New Prague, Janda stopped to make a purchase in a store. Bliss suspected Janda recognized him and was telephoning authorities. As the pair left New Prague in the car, Bliss proceeded to shoot Janda, thought he had killed him and drove away in the car. He was later captured as the bank robber.

Fourteen BP Boy Scouts were enjoying a week up north at Crow Wing Camp. Accompanying the boys were J.A. Mohrbacher, Peter Mahoney and Alfred Albrecht.

Veronica Voight, popular rural schoolteacher in this area, was married at Jordan to Fred Suhrbier.

After an absence of 12 years, Charles McCloskey was back from Montana for a visit in the old home neighborhood.

A family reunion at the J.H. Krekelberg home brought all the sons and daughters and their families here for the Fourth of July.

There was the story that it seemed hard to find a source of water on the James Maloney farm in Jessenland. Mike Skelly, using a willow twig, suggested a spot to dig a well. At a depth of only 13 feet, an inexhaustible supply of water was found.

120 Years Ago (1900)

In the Borough of BP, real estate assessments came to $275,114 and personal property assessments to $48,424.

Pat Sherlock’s new barn, 44 by 65 feet, was said to be the largest barn in St. John’s Parish.

July 4th was too sultry for comfort, but hundreds gathered here for the celebration. The full program was carried out except for the horse races in the evening, which were canceled by a heavy rainstorm.

Frank Werrick was presented a $150 shotgun, made to order for him by prominent hunters of St. Paul who made his hotel headquarters during the previous hunting season.

As the July 4th festivities were drawing to a close, a report came that the evening passenger train was derailed by a washout at the Becker Brickyard. The locomotive was overturned and fireman Charles Nelson was killed. Passenger cars stayed on track, and passengers got only a shaking up.

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