Chad Schroeder, Belle Plaine MN wins back to back features at Arlington Raceway.

Chad Schroeder, Belle Plaine MN wins back to back features at Arlington Raceway.

Full moon racing provided for too much action at the Arlington Raceway with several accidents, including plenty of side by side racing and slip ups from drivers that caused red flags.

The second attempt at the first lap of the Jerry's HQ Foods IMCA Sprint feature saw a multi car crash when a car spun in turn #2 causing a chain reaction involving over half of the field.

Brandon Allen, Brett Allen, Billy Johnson, and Neal Stevens all rolled, with Stevens on the bottom of the pile.

Avoiding a rollover but losing his steering, Andrew Allen had nowhere to go and drove over a car popping a wheelie in the air; he was out of the race also.

Mike Stien made it through the incident, but a flipping car caught his wing turning it up sideways. Stien went to the work area, came out, and was able to re-enter the race but only for a few laps as he pulled into the pit.

Justin Allen also avoided the wreck after flipping in his heat race and repairing his car to get it ready for the feature. Matt Johnson took the lead on the restart and led for over half the race until high-flying Trevor Serbus took the high side and got by him between #3 and #4 turns to take over the race and win.

Johnson took second and the 24 of Brandon Buyse, who also stayed out of trouble, took third.

The Coors Light IMCA Sport Compact feature also saw a rollover when the 51x of Gary Schumacher rolled over six times in turn #2 after being spun out by another car.

He was ok but out of the race, and the other car was disqualified.

That gave the lead to Alan Lahr and he led the remaining distance to win the race ahead of Marshall Robinson.

Eric Stocker, who had started sixth, finished third.

Dan Menk had a great lead in the Ottomotive Tire & Repair IMCA Modified feature until a car spun out on lap eight and caused a yellow flag.

On the restart, Clint Hatlestad took the outside and got around Menk coming out of turn #4. Then he and Trent Loverude were fighting over the 2nd spot while Hatlestad pulled away and went on to win.

Loverude took second and Menk settled for third.

The Unhinged Pizza IMCA Sport Modified feature had plenty of action, too. Jeff Carter started in pole posiiton and had the lead for seven laps as the 111B of Eric Bassett was racing him side by side for a few laps, but coming out of turn #2, Bassett's clutch went out; he tried to pull off the track on the inside and flew into the mud bog track that had fresh water from Friday night's rainfall. He was ok but out of the race, and his car got a good bath.

On the restart, Matt Looft got the jump on Carter and took the lead as Eric Larson followed him.

A few laps later, another yellow flag came out for a spinning car which caused another restart and enabled Zach Davis to get around Larson, and that is how they finished the next three laps of the race.

The eXmark Outlaw Hobby feature went flag to flag with Rod Manthey taking the lead on the 3rd lap of the race and leading the remaining laps to win the race.

Dakota Robinson made a valiant effort to catch him coming from last place to challenge him as they raced side by side, but in the end, Manthey was victorious.

The B&B Racing Chassis IMCA Stock Cars saw three different leaders with Patrick Schauer taking the lead from his pole position start.

A first lap caution occurred which resulted in Curt Lund being put to the back of he pack. As the cars relined up, Ryan Bjerkeset led the next 15 laps until a series of caution flags came out causing many restarts.

On the last restart, Chad Schroeder got by Bjerkeset along with the 33 of Matt Schauer. The two battled the last 3 laps while Lund, who had been in back of the 19 car field, moved through the field. He had to settle for third right behind Schauer, and Schroeder took the checkers just ahead of Schauer to win his 2nd feature in a row.

Cory Probst once again dominated the Eckblad Trucking IMCA Hobby feature taking the lead from Joe Regnar on the 2nd lap of the race. Matt Olson who started just head of Probst took 2nd, and Jed Trebelhorn took 3rd.

1. Cory Probst 75C

Brewster, Mn.

2. Matt Olson 56M

Franklin, Mn.

3. Jed Trebelhorn 27

Winthrop, Mn.

4. Daniel Probst 81x

Worthington, Mn.

5. Nate Manderfield A1

Lake Crystal, Mn.

6. Jordan Robinson 72

Marshall, Mn.

7. Josh Black 81B

North Mankato, Mn.

DNF. Taylor Manderfield 18m

Mankato, Mn.

DNF. Ben Reierson 25

Arlington, Mn.

DNF. Duane Reck 18K

Montgomery, Mn.

DNF. Joe Regner 5R

Winthrop, Mn.

DNF. Mason Goettl 99

Winsted, Mn.

DQ Chad Volk 32

Lake Crystal, Mn.

IMCA Sport Compact A-Feature

1. Alan Lahr 54

Nicollet, Mn.

2. Marschall Robinson 3

Arlington, Mn.

3. Eric Stocker 3.2%

Good Thunder, Mn.

4. Brett McConnell 50

Henderson, Mn.

5. Austen Indrehus(r) 37I

Savage, Mn.

6. David Marshall 76m

Buffalo Lake, Mn.

7. Emily Senne 24

North Mankato, Mn.

8. Tim Senne 21s

North Mankato, Mn.

9. Nicole Kelzer 53

Henderson, Mn.

10. Ben Klaers(r) 11K

Arlington, Mn.

DNF. Gavin Selly(r) 08

St. Peter, Mn.

DNF. Rj Esqueda 16

Granada, Mn.

DNF. Gary Schumacher 51x

Maplewood, Mn.

DNF. Nick McConnell 30

Henderson, Mn.

DQ Austin Friedrich 18X

St James, Mn.

IMCA SportMods A-Feature

1. Matthew Looft 9

Swea City, Ia.

2. Zach Davis 1z

Lonsdale, Mn.

3. Eric Larson 7L

Madison Lake, Mn.

4. Jeff Carter 2J

Mapleton, Mn.

5. Jj Reimers 3J

Belle Plaine, Mn.

6. Vince Corbin 53

Silver Lake, Mn.

7. Ben Reierson 25

Arlington, Mn.

8. John Albrecht 48

Glencoe, Mn.

9. Jeff Lloyd 75

Le Center, Mn.

DNF. Ben Doesscher 21j

Clara City, Mn.

DNF. Matthew Speiss 23M

Jefferson City, Mo.

DNF. Dan Paplow 25X

Dundee, Mn.

DNF. Eric Bassett 111B

Mankato, Mn.

DQ Chris Neisen 18X

Henderson, Mn.

Karts Jr. Sportsman A-Feature

1. Carter Brown 3x

Elko New Market, Mn.

2. Kyle Manderfeld 12

Mankato, Mn.

3. Brayden Allen 00

Gaylord, Mn.

4. Braydon Manderfield 24B

Lake Crystal, Mn.

5. Tucker Trimbo 32

Le Sueur, Mn.

6. Justin Daschner(r) 24

Kasota, Mn.

7. Jaxson Defries 25

Mankato, Mn.

8. Jake Robb 96R

Nicollet, Mn.

9. Trent Wolters 26

Arlington, Mn.

10. Robby Perrino 07

Nicollet, Mn.

11. Gavin Allen 06

Nicollet, Mn.

12. Kendrah Lamont 28

No. Mankato, Mn.

13. Blake Foesch 17B

Bird Island, Mn.

14. Noah Rustman 27N

St. Peter, Mn.

15. Anthony Nytes(r) 24x

Le Sueur, Mn.

Karts Juniors A-Feature

1. Travis Manderfield 99

Mankato, Mn.

2. Cole Allen 22

Gaylord, Mn.

3. Blake Foesch 17B

Bird Island, Mn.

4. Ryan Schoenherr(r) 07

Dassel, Mn.

5. Liberty Allen 11L

Nicollet, Mn.

Karts Stock A-Feature

1. Megan Voss 1v

Henderson, Mn.

2. Joey Reimers 1J

Belle Plaine, Mn.

3. Bruce Defries 15

Mankato, Mn.

4. Terry Lang 42X

White Bear Lake, Mn.

5. Conner Meyer 4u

Le Sueur, Mn.

6. Travis Defries 25

Mankato, Mn.

7. Heather Defries 9

No. Mankato, Mn.

8. Carter Draeger 96D

Gaylord, Mn.

9. Yana Wencl Y73

St. Peter, Mn.

10. Dennis Kleinow 3B

Mankato, Mn.

11. Billy Wencl 44B

Cleveland, Mn.

12. Daniel Griep 3D

Minnetonka, Mn.

13. Bill Foesch 17F

Bird Island, Mn.

14. Kassandra Nytes 79K

Le Sueur, Mn.

15. William Schreifels 83

Le Sueur, Mn.

Modifieds A-Feature

1. Clint Hatlestad 74C

Glencoe, Mn.

2. Trent Loverude 11

Courtland, Mn.

3. Dan Menk 19M

Franklin, Mn.

4. Todd Stinehart 7s

Waseca, Mn.

5. Kent Willms 4k

Willmar, Mn.

6. Chad Porter 12

Madison Lake, Mn.

7. Rick Schroeder 47

Montevideo, Mn.

8. Joe Roberts 17

New Ulm, Mn.

9. Jeff Coon 8

Elysian, Mn.

10. Rick Nelson 71N

Hutchinson, Mn.

11. Brian Shaughnessy 2x

Le Center, Mn.

12. Aaron McVenes 49

Mankato, Mn.

13. Zach Schultz 13L

Watertown, Mn.

14. Jonah Padgett(r) 55

Le Sueur, Mn.

Outlaw Hobby A-Feature

1. Rodney Manthey 11R

Norwood, Mn.

2. Dakota Robinson 34

Arlington, Mn.

3. Dan Milbradt X11T

Belview, Mn.

4. Jonathan Schroeder 95

Belle Plaine, Mn.

5. Logan Wagenius(r) 21

Gaylord, Mn.

6. Scott Oestreich 4X

Belle Plaine, Mn.

7. Tyler Manthey 11

Norwood Young America, Mn.

8. Mark Oestreich 0X

Belle Plaine, Mn.

DNF. Mori Oestreich 2d

Henderson, Mn.

DQ Karl Hewitt Jr 3K

Henderson, Mn.

Sprint Cars A-Feature

1. Trevor Serbus 10

Olivia, Mn.

2. Matt Johnson(r) 30

St Peter, Mn.

3. Brandon Buysse 24

New Ulm, Mn.

4. Justin Allen 22

Gaylord, Mn.

5. Owen Carlson 07

Somerset, Wi.

6. Dave Becker 7D

Le Center, Mn.

7. Ron Guentzel 2R

Mankato, Mn.

8. Bruce Allen 55

Mankato, Mn.

DNF. Zach Wight(r) 5z

Winnebago, Mn.

DNF. Michael Stien 4s

Ceylon, Mn.

DNF. Brandon Allen 05

Saint Peter, Mn.

DNF. Brett Allen 21

Gaylord, Mn.

DNF. Bill Johnson 56

St. Peter, Mn.

DNF. Andrew Allen(r) 00

Gaylord, Mn.

DNF. Neil Stevens 66

Bingham Lake, Mn.

DNS Zachary Foesch(r) 17z

Bird Island, Mn.

Stock Cars A-Feature

1. Chad Schroeder 7k

Belle Plaine, Mn.

2. Matthew Schauer 33

Green Isle, Mn.

3. Curt Lund 99

Redwood Falls, Mn.

4. Josh Larsen 71

Glencoe, Mn.

5. Ryan Bjerkeset 00

St. Peter, Mn.

6. Chance Larson 95L

Dunnel, Mn.

7. Taylor Willms 15X

Willmar, Mn.

8. Dan Mackenthun 92

Hamburg, Mn.

9. Tim Pessek 74

Hutchinson, Mn.

10. Roger Jenniges X2

Echo, Mn.

11. Daniel Eckblad 92x

St. Peter, Mn.

12. Charlie Rustman 0c

St. Peter, Mn.

13. Randy Melvin(r) 18m

Mankato, Mn.

14. Kevin Latour 78

Le Sueur, Mn.

15. Ryan Grochow 16

New Ulm, Mn.

DNF. Andrea McCain 25A

South Haven, Mn.

DNF. Matt Speckman 81

Sleepy Eye, Mn.

DNF. Patrick Schauer(r) 95x

Belle Plaine, Mn.

DNF. Aj Zimmerman 9z

St. Peter, Mn.

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