Belle Plaine City Council

The Belle Plaine City Council approved a resolution Tuesday, Sept. 8, adopting the preliminary tax levy collectable in 2021, the 2021 preliminary budget and the five-year capital plan. The resolution was adopted as a part of the council's consent agenda.

Council members recommended that the council approve the preliminary budget and levy after a budget work session on August 17. At that session, city staff provided an overview of items that impact the proposed budget and levy.

According to Amy Jirik, Belle Plaine's city finance director, the preliminary numbers show a tax rate increase of 1.582 percent,  which means if a resident’s home value doesn’t change they will see a property tax increase of $32.06.  The majority of homeowners will see between a $82.95 - $184.68 increase in their 2021 property taxes as their property values adjust for 2021.

The council will next have a budget workshop in October or November to discuss the budget and levy. In December they will adopt the final budget and levy for 2021, Jirik said.

City documents said the preliminary levy and budget for 2021 have to be certified to Scott County by Sept. 30, and the preliminary levies for the Economic Development  Authority and the Housing and Redevelopment Authority have to be set by Sept. 30.

Once the levy and budget are certified, the council and city department heads will schedule a final budget workshop in October or November to review the preliminary levy before final adoption. The preliminary budget and levy might be reduced but can't be increased, city documents said.

The city's Truth In Taxation hearing is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 3, at 6:30 p.m.

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