The City of Belle Plaine hosted its very own Amazing Race on Sunday, Feb. 28.

“It’s just like the Amazing Race on TV, but we’re not going around the world; we’re staying in Belle Plaine,” said Jason Wadsley, City of Belle Plaine Aquatic Center Manager and Events Coordinator.

Teams competed in the scavenger hunt style race filled with puzzles, clues, and stops at multiple Belle Plaine landmarks and businesses.

In total there were 13 clues and three checkpoints.

The race kicked off at Heritage Park in Belle Plaine at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday.

From there, teams had to make a goal at Hickory Park, dance in front of the window at The Lutheran Home, unscramble a word on a walking path, break a board at Richardson's Family Martial Arts, and give the Tiger mascot a high five at Oak Crest, to name just a few of the tasks.

Once teams completed each activity, they were given a clue to lead them to their next task.

Missy and Matt Fahey’s family took home first place, completing the course in about one hour and twenty minutes.

Brian Siekmann and Deana Siekmann’s family took second place, and the Konopacki sisters took third place.

The top three winners were able to select gift cards to local restaurants and businesses.

“I think it’s just different because there are physical and mental challenges, and you need to work together to solve clues. There’s just nothing else like it,” said Angie Hoff who wrote the clues and worked with the City of Belle Plaine to make the race possible.

Hoff and her family have been hosting Amazing Race style events for friends and co-workers since the start of the pandemic.

“They were just so thankful to have something fun and safe to do outside, not only because of the winter months but because of isolation from COVID,” she said.

When the city approached her to help create a larger event for Belle Plaine, she was excited about the opportunity and the extra support.

“The more people and the more support we have, the more we can support people at the challenge checkpoints and make sure everyone is safe and distancing and spraying things as we need to,” she said.

Students from the Belle Plaine chapter of the National Honor Society and city employees helped hand out clues and manage check points. In total, about 85 people of all ages participated in the race.

“I really think we need to find reasons to smile and celebrate. All the hours I put into it are totally worth it because it’s great memories,” said Hoff. 

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