A Belle Plaine woman was arrested for assaulting a police officer on Sunday, Dec. 1.

The woman, identified in the criminal complaint as Maureen Mary Mulcare, 55, of Belle Plaine, reportedly called in two people digging through the garbage behind the Belle Plaine Area Food shelf in downtown Belle Plaine. While on the phone with dispatchers, Mulcare allegedly refused to give her name, was “very aggressive” with dispatchers and was swearing at the call taker, according to the complaint. Mulcare made two calls.

When a Belle Plaine officer searched the area in question, he was unable to locate anyone digging through trash. The officer then returned to the station and listened to the calls, at which point he recognized  Mulcare’s voice as he had dealt with her for years and charged her “numerous times” for the same behavior.

The officer and a second officer then dispatched to Mulcare’s apartment at around 4:33 p.m. on Sunday.

Mulcare refused to respond to officers who spoke to Mulcare through her door, advising her that she would be charged with misuse of 911. As the officers were leaving, Mulcare opened her door and began yelling at the officers and denied calling 911 in the midst of calling officers “a number of obscene names,” the complaint states.

Mulcare then came out of her apartment and began fighting with the officers, at which point the second officer grabbed Mulcar’s wrist and advised her she was under arrest. Mulcare then pulled away and threw a stool at the officers and kicked at them.

During the encounter, Mulcare allegedly kicked the second officer in the shin with her right heel, causing a red mark.

The officers were able to place Mulcare in the back of a squad car. She continued to scream “lewd and profane” comments at the officers at the top of her lungs and kicked the rear of the patrol car until she was placed in hobble restraints.

Mulcare faces one count of fourth-degree assault of a police officer and a gross misdemeanor  for obstructing the legal process.

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