The first and second clues for the 2019 Bar-B-Q Days Medallion Hunt are published below. The final clue, if necessary, will be published in the July 17 issue of the Herald.

The same rules apply as last year. The search area includes all of the Belle Plaine city limits. It is not located north of the railroad tracks. A map of the city limits is available on the city’s web site.

The medallion is located on public property and is not more than six feet off the ground. It is not on the Hooper-Bowler-Hillstrom historical house property or inside Tiger Park baseball field. Those searching on foot are encouraged to use the tunnel to cross Highway 169.

The medallion is about two inches in diameter and has "Belle Plaine Bar-B-Q Days" inscribed on it. The prize for finding it is $100 in Belle Plaine Bucks.

If you find it, call Don Meger at 952-454-6492.

Addison Bachand found the 2018 Bar-B-Q Days Medallion Monday, July 2, while goofing around with a friend, Brandy German, at the community pool site. The accidental find netted him $100 cash.

Clue 2

Bar-B-Q Days 2019 Medallion Hunt

Message in a bottle, give it some throttle, week number two,

Tilt-a-Whirls and pretty girls, yabba-dabba-doo.

Stealthy as a whitetail, get on the trail, control your gyration,

Oh how gross, say adios, it’s elation or deflation.

Take it slow, your morning cup of Joe, just like a Jackson,

ABC, easy as one, two, three, I’m in need of some action.

Good Morning Miss Bliss, into the abyss, we must be thorough,

Thicken the plot, get to this spot, look throughout the Borough.

Scope out the terrain, you’re part of the chain, thanks to you all,

Business as usual, oh how beautiful, go on the prowl.

You’re getting warm, treasure hunt form, we’ll see you soon,

Wear a sombrero, watch for the arrows, good afternoon.

Be the predator, hats off to the Editor, well published clues,

What’s your intent? Quite an event, who’s in the news.

Constant separation, you have my resignation, I’m ripe for the pickens,

Let’s keep it normal, mostly informal, more Mason then Dixon.

Thank you all for this game of hide and seek,

And if things don’t work out, I’ll see you next week.

Clue 1

Bar-B-Q Days 2019 Medallion Hunt

Willy Nilly, don’t be silly, the hunt has begun,

Bling-bling, what’s the thing? Worth it in the long run.

Put on your Duds, a song by the Judds, I’m green with envy,

Excitement in the air, don’t be a square, come join the frenzy.

Go for a dip, you’re the man, bring your fins, get a tan,

Look for the star, how bizarre, stick to the plan.

It’s our Independence, be in attendance, the fourth of July,

Holiday perks and fire works, free as a butterfly.

I before E, except after C, why is this so feathery?

Our favorite three days, repeat the phrase, time to be care free.

One lonely place, on lightning pace, our little puzzle,

Pick a duck, try your luck, pick a U4IC and guzzle.

I’m caught in the middle, solve this riddle, it’s part of the count,

A Benjamin is the prize, keep your eyes on your fries, it’s quite an amount.

In need of a spark, go to the park, cotton candy Randy,

Corn on the Cob, burgers from the Hog, have yourself a shandy.

A single red rose, strike a pose, as in a statue

Year sixty one, join the fun, come to my rescue.

McAdoo will do, Mikan I’m Likin, O’Neal and Russell,

You are the captors, the champs are the Raptors, let’s see some hustle.

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