Bar-B-Q Days

The first and second clues for the 2020 Bar-B-Q Days Medallion Hunt are published below. The next clue will be published in the July 8 edition of the Herald if necessary.

The same rules apply as last year. The search area includes all of the Belle Plaine city limits. It is not located north of the railroad tracks. A map of the city limits is available on the city’s Web site.

The medallion is located on public property and is not more than six feet off the ground. It is not on the Hooper-Bowler-Hillstrom historical house property or inside Tiger Park baseball field. Those searching on foot are encouraged to use the tunnel to cross Highway 169.

The medallion is about two inches in diameter and has “Belle Plaine Bar-B-Q Days” inscribed on it. The prize for finding it is $100 in Belle Plaine Bucks.

If you find it, call Don Meger  at


The 2019 Bar-B-Q Days medallion was found by Rachel Johnson, 12, in the alleyway behind the Belle Plaine Post Office. Joining her were her sister, Elizabeth Johnson, and Cameron and Carter Chard.

Rachel was confused at first when she stumbled across a wad of black duct tape, but further investigation led to the medallion’s discovery.

Clue 2

2020 Bar-B-Q Days Medallion Hunt

Hail to the class of 2020, a tale for which I’m smitten,

Today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten.

Townsends and Fountains, Let’s move mountains,

Meadows & Prairies,

Let’s have a ball, we’re only human after all,

Leprechauns and Fairies.

Your ability to move can improve your path to the prize,

Economical with the truth, sweet vermouth

and Marmalade skies

I saw a man with yellow eyes, what a surprise,

we must keep this going,

You must get here soon, many moons or you may be rowing.

Could be polar, holy roller, spreading the greens,

Peter Rabbit, come and grab it, put on your blue jeans.

Off to see the Wizard, have yourself a blizzard,

how to deal with this?

Roam around town, served upside down, out of the abyss.

You’re on the cutting edge, this I pledge,

please don’t draw a blank,

Continued tradition, this is your mission,

you can take that to the bank.

L is for the way you look at me, go on a spree,

deal with the heat,

Joyful expressions, I miss the concessions,

my work is complete.

No tilt a whirl or bumper cars, it is in the stars,

next year will even be greater,

Positive thinking, time is shrinking,

can’t wait to meet the locator.

Clue 1

2020 Bar-B-Q Days Medallion Hunt

This is a start, we hold in our hearts,

the joy these three days bring,

Though this is tragic, we’ll make our own magic,

for this year Belle Plaine will be King.

Congrats to the class of 2020, off to college soon,

Don’t let anyone ever tell you the sky’s the limit

when there are footprints on the moon!

Oh my dear, no party this year, what shall we do!

Take the clues, pay your dues, sing the blues.

Kind of grizzly, avoid the drizzly, my sign is Leo.

Eye in the sky, don’t ask me why, oh meo myo.

Let’s keep it normal, not so formal, this is what I mean,

To define normal, it’s a setting on your washing machine.

Who’s who in the zoo, who would have known,

changing of the guard?

 This could sting, here I cling, I’m out in the back yard.

Golden Anniversary or Jubilee, it’s no Grand Prix, set me free!

Boy scouts, map your routes, bring your skis.

Get here swift, get my drift? I’ll be there for you,

Queens Banquet, bring your blanket for fireworks in lieu.

I’m next to the pool, I ain’t no fool, it’s hot out here.

This year there’s no garden, I beg your pardon,

you can still have a beer.

A foregone conclusion, it’s all an illusion,

let’s spread some cheer,

Aquaphobia, you should knowbia, this is my premiere.


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