School kids 7-12

Students exit a school bus to enter Belle Plaine High School Tuesday during their first day of school. Tuesday Sept. 4 marked the first day of school for 7-12 graders.

Thanks to a one-time supplemental aid appropriation in the state’s new education budget, school districts throughout Minnesota will be receiving a combined $30 million to fund safety initiatives.

Funds from the Safe Schools Supplemental Aid are earmarked for services such as police liaisons, counseling, security, anti-gang education training, and crime prevention and safety measures for students and staff, according to State Rep. Bob Vogel, R-Elko New Market, who released an announcement on the initiative funds on Thursday, Oct. 10.

“Children, parents and teachers all deserve to feel safe at school,” Vogel said per a release. “It is our job as the legislature to make sure schools have resources to ensure that happens. This school safety funding is provided in a way that local school districts and citizens can make safety improvements based on their particular needs.”

The funds given to schools, determined on a per-pupil basis, will make their way into area schools.

Belle Plaine Public School District is receiving $56,579.35, according to Minnesota Department of Education data. The Le Sueur-Henderson School District is receiving $35,278.79. Minnesota New Country School is receiving $7,469.92. Cologne Academy is receiving $21, 214.78. Tri-City United School District is receiving $65,381.43. Jordan Public School District is receiving $63,488.07. New Prague Area Schools are receiving $145,391.18. Sibley East School District is receiving $41,014.07

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