A Belle Plaine man faces a  felony charge for credit card fraud, according to  Scott County Court documents.

The man, identified as Andrew Johan Carey, 21, allegedly took the reporting person’s banking information while staying with her and attempted to open various bank accounts in her name that only he would have access to.

The charges state that Carey reportedly admitted to the reporting person he used her banking information to commit fraud.

The State Bank of Belle Plaine reported that Carey unsuccessfully attempted to use the reporting person’s information seven times to open a bank account in his name at First Premier Bank, using her information. The attempts occurred between June 7-21.

The charges also state that, between June 16-23, 66 attempted charges were made on the reporting person’s State Bank of Belle Plaine debit card for a total of $3,963.53. Most of the attempts appeared as payments to “KIIDGHOST.” Four additional payments  did go through on June 8, 2019, for a total of $258.46 to KIIDGHOST.  The reporting person confirmed that she made none of these charges.

Carey admitted to knowing the reporting person and that he was in her room about a month ago, but he denied making any of those charges to KIIDGHOST.

Carey was also charged with three additional felonies in February, a second set of charging documents states.  

Carey reportedly stole checks from a man he knew and cashed two checks of $300 and $392 at Red Door Bar in Belle Plaine that were made out to him which he later admitted writing to himself.

A third set of charging documents states that Carey is also facing a misdemeanor and two gross misdemeanors related to forging and stealing checks.

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