Joshua Trotterchaud, his stepson Zander and fiance Andera Kuzemcha

(From left) Joshua Trotterchaud, his stepson Zander and fiance Andera Kuzemcha, posed for a photo from within S.M.Z. Stop-N-Shop, Belle Plaine’s newest consignment and vintage store at 122 South Meridian Street in Belle Plaine.

Despite S.M.Z. Stop-n-Shop being filled with old wares, the owner of Belle Plaine’s newest consignment and vintage store wants to keep things fresh.

Joshua Trotterchaud, a seasoned storage unit buyer, knows what it’s like to roll the dice on investments. Sometimes he’ll buy the forfeited wares of a repossessed unit for a low price and absolutely score on a brand new 4K television. Other times, he’ll drop serious cash...on empty cardboard boxes. But that’s all part of the fun of it, he said.

“You never know what you’re going to get,” Trotterchaud said.

Now, he aims to bring that eclectic attitude to his store located at 122 South  Meridian Street in Belle Plaine. With 60-day sales windows on all the items in his shop, whether they are his own or belong to a vendor, guests are almost guaranteed to see something new on the floor.

“I want new stuff, new stuff, new stuff,” Trotterchaud said as he pointed to a piece of his own merchandise. “If that couch is still here after 60 days, it’s either going to be free or gone.”

Whether people are looking for collectors’ coins, end tables or non-gambling slot machines, S.M.Z. is bound to excite, or at least pique, the interest of those with a call to come-ups.

Although the floor of what was once Hennen Furniture is loaded with wares from vendors renting 12-foot by 12-foot stalls, Trotterchaud intends to add even more in the form of a vintage clothing section poised for a hall area on the north side of the shop.

The shop opened its doors on June 1 with more success than Trotterchaud could have asked for.

“There were a lot more lookers than buyers, which I was perfectly okay with, because that just shows people’s interest,” Trotterchaud said. “I want people to come in and say, ‘I’ve never seen that before.’ ”

Cycling wares on the floor does not pose a major challenge because Trotterchaud has merchandise to spare in storage and continues to scour storage units for more.

A recent transplant to the Belle Plaine area from the Menomonie, Wisconsin area, Trotterchaud, along with his fiance Andera Kuzemcha, hopes to integrate into Belle Plaine not only as a business owner, but as an active member of the community and has already challenged a fellow-business owner to a dessert competition.

“I’m very community-driven, so I like being part of all of this stuff,” Trotterchaud said.

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