Trena Williamson, the owner of Belle Plaine’s newest boutique, Shop the Outfit,

Trena Williamson, the owner of Belle Plaine’s newest boutique, Shop the Outfit, stood in the store at 107 North Meridian Street. (Photo by Casey Ek)

Fashion forward Belle Plaine shoppers will soon have another retail option in the form of a downtown boutique.

Shop the Outfit, the latest of a string of clothing and homegoods stores that have cropped up on Meridian Street, will give shoppers a chance to mix and match the latest styles without the feeling of being overwhelmed which is common among other shopping experiences, according to store owner Trena Williamson.

Williamson said that the store, which is set to have an open house on Saturday, July 25, will carry ever-changing semi-bohemian, semi- dressy styles that she will handpick from the best manufacturers she can find.

“Being that it’s such a small location, (customers) will be able to see things and not be overwhelmed. There will be a lot of one-on-one attention.”

Williams said the store is an extension of her own style and desire to mix and match genres, textures and accessories. She said that because she would wear each and every piece she plans to sell in her store, customers can expect her to know the products inside and out as well as how to best combine them with other items, such as jewelry, that she will sell in her store.

“I went out and I actually picked every single one of these things,” Williamson said.

Williamson first got the idea to open her store, located at 107 N. Meridian St., after getting compliments on her own outfits, that she describes as dress-casual, fit for a night out. So in many ways, her store is an extension of her search for new styles.

The added benefit of having a smaller inventory is that shoppers, particularly those living in a smaller community like Belle Plaine, can avoid wearing the same thing as one another.

Seeing a lack of local shopping in Belle Plaine, Williamson saw a perfect opportunity to fill what she viewed as a void between Henderson and Chaska for personalized shopping. After putting in around 20 years with her previous employer, she decided it was time to switch gears and become her own boss. The result of that change was Shop the Outfit.

Williamson got the name of the shop from what she envisions customers will do when browsing her wares, which come to her as a result of her direct relationships with vendors  and a membership with a wholesale group.

“If you’re short for time and need to find something cute to wear, you can come right downtown and find something,” Williamson said.

But Williamson plans to offer more than a brick-and-mortar experience and plans to launch a website on Sunday, July 26. With her online presence, Williamson hopes to share insight regarding certain clothing brands, including how certain articles of clothing might fit on different body types and much more as the business takes root.

Looking ahead, Williamson said the inventory will surely change with great regularity as styles and seasons change.

Moving forward, the store hours will be 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays and 5-8 p.m. on Wednesdays.

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