Five Visual Arts students will travel with six pieces to the Perpich Center for Arts Education

Faith Miner, Zach Olson, Hunter Schmidt, and Hanna Tharaldson held their works of art prior to heading to state for visual arts.

Five Visual Arts students will travel with six pieces to the Perpich Center for Arts Education in Golden Valley on Saturday, May 11,  to participate in the State’s one and only High School Visual Arts Exhibit.

Sophomores Faith Miner and Hanna Tharaldson, juniors Zach Olson and Anneka Sterk and senior Hunter Schmidt will have their artwork exhibited.   Their pieces were hand selected by the judges at Sections for this distinct honor.

Both Olson and Tharaldson will be exhibiting drawings.  

Olson’s Sentimental Memories, drawn in colored pencils, was deemed a “thoughtful composition” and “an emotionally responsive work of art” by one of the judges.

Tharaldson’s fiber marker drawing,  Gettin’ My Draw On,  addresses the disparity in status between fine art and cartooning.  One judge stated, “The layers and complexity are wonderful!”

Tharaldson will also be exhibiting her computer-based artwork, Castles in the Clouds, that was judged as a “strong visual image.”

Girl Talk, a watercolor painting by Faith Miner, shows two girls boxing as a metaphor for how girls verbally beat each other up due to their own low self-esteem.  One judge commented that this is “…not an accidental perfect score…The concept of the transparency in this societal issue is applied professionally…”

Schmidt and Sterk will both be exhibiting their prints.

Schmidt’s Anguish, an expressive photo silkscreen of a person in the state of overwhelming distress, displayed “good depiction of emotion and the almost out-of-body experience that can happen...The placement of color vs. its absence works well in both the overall composition as well as the separation of emotion vs. remaining grounded.”

Sterk’s AMBER Alert, is a mono print that illustrates the crime scene where Amber Hagerman, the 9-year-old girl, was abducted and murdered in Arlington, Texas, in 1996.  In referring to this piece a Section judge said, “Excellent work.  Textural background is effective in adding a “haunting” quality to your intent.”

This will be the second trip to State for artists Miner, Schultz and Tharaldson.

The BPHS team has been coached by Carol Hannon-Orr.

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