Carver County Sheriff Jason Kamerud reported that on Thursday, June 13 at  his office received several 9-1-1 calls to report burglaries in Victoria, MN.

During the overnight hours, there were several homes in the City of Victoria that were burglarized and two vehicles stolen. One of the vehicles has been recovered; the other vehicle is still missing. Deputies are currently taking several burglary reports and processing the crime scenes. There are no reports of forced entries into vehicles or homes. The suspect(s) gained access to vehicles and houses through unsecured/unlocked doors.

A large majority of the Twin Cities metropolitan area has been struck by a very sophisticated ring of burglary suspects. These suspects locate vehicles which are unlocked with garage door openers in them. They steal the garage door opener, then use it to gain access to the garage and residence. The suspects often steal a vehicle(s) from the garage to continue their crime spree. They also enter occupied residences very quickly, taking items while residents are generally asleep. This group targets a community, striking many homes undetected. Because the suspects commit their crimes in vehicles not yet reported stolen, they have been incredibly difficult to catch in the act.

The Sheriff's Department asks that residents to be diligent about locking vehicles, all entrances to homes, and removing garage door openers and valuables from vehicles left outside. This is an ongoing investigation. Please report suspicious behavior and activity by calling 911. If you have any information, please contact Investigative Sergeant Peter Anderley at 952-361-1787, or at

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