On April 13th, Scott, Carver, Dakota Community Action Partnership (CAP) clients will be able to stop by One Fine Day Salon in Savage for an exclusive day of hair beauty.

In addition to One Fine Day Salon, CAP Agency is partnering with Beauty Blessings Ministry, an organization founded in 2017 to bring together beauty professionals wanting to use their skills to help others and their community. On the 13th, these three organizations will come together to offer free shampoos, trims, styles, blow-outs, and beard trims to CAP’s clients.

CAP Agency serves families and individuals in Scott, Carver, and Dakota counties who are facing crises or living on little to no income. “Many of our clients have faced unending hurdles and challenges in their lives, and it’s good to remind them of their worth, even with something as simple as a high-end haircut or style. Many clients feel invisible or are mired down in their struggles. Something as seemingly simple as a haircut can do wonders for their self-esteem,” says Crystal Gammelgaard, one of CAP’s Supportive Housing staff and an organizer of the event.

One Fine Day Salon has partnered with CAP Agency in the past for fundraisers and other community events. “It’s simply incredible to have community partners, like One Fine Day and Beauty Blessings, who can gift our clients with the luxury of a high-end haircut,” says Gammelgaard. More collaborations are planned to continue to serve those in need in the community. CAP clients can call One Fine Day Salon directly to schedule an appointment for April 13th.

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