Come spring, Caribou Gun Club in Le Sueur will have a new space to offer moving pistol targets.

Caribou Gun Club has made a number of improvements and additions since it opened in 1953, but this latest improvement is one that owner Randy Voss believes is one that will set him apart from the competition.

The 165-foot long building includes 38 shooting stations, eight of which are designed for paper targets. The remaining 30 shooting stations are for the 10 different automated steel target stations he purchased, which feature targets that rotate and fall down.

Voss ordered the targets through Big Boy Automated Targets in Texas, and the targets are similar to the rotating ducks at county fair shooting games.

“I have always wanted to do one for years but have not seen the technology,” Voss said, until a friend in Texas pointed him in the direction of Big Boy Automated Targets.

Voss said he used to have a lot of pistols and sold them because the traditional stationary targets bored him, but now he plans to take up shooting pistols again at the new range.

Voss said he would like to offer some pistol competitions in the future and perhaps have law enforcement train on the new range or even compete in a special law enforcement competition.

According to Voss, he was told that he purchased more targets than other people who have bought from Big Boy Automated Targets and that the closest similar range is in Michigan.

“It is a unique pistol range,” Voss said.

Although the target stations are installed, Voss is in the process of going over and testing safety measures, and he is not planning on opening the new pistol range to shooters until the spring.

Voss said he is planning on having a grand opening in April, with the date and time to be determined.

“I know it is going to go over big....This is something people will have a good time doing, and the people who have shot it said it is a lot of fun,” Voss said.

Voss’s father, Earl, was the one who opened the range in 1953, but Voss has been a key part of the operations since he discharged from the Army and returned to help run the place in 1979.

When Caribou Gun Club first opened, it was on 192 acres. Today’s operations have been expanded to 754 acres and include a trap range, rifle range, hunting preserve, sporting clays, and a dance hall.

The range also sees a lot of trap shooters, as the teams from Le Sueur-Henderson, Belle Plaine and Cleveland shoot at Caribou.

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