Sheila Hendricks

Sheila Hendricks

Dr. Sheila Hendricks has been named President of Unity High School in Burnsville by the Unity High School Board of Directors.

Dr. Hendricks currently lives on a ranch near Belle Plaine. 

Teaching religion since joining Unity High School in the Fall of 2020, Dr. Hendricks transitioned to her new full-time position on April 1, 2021, working in tandem with Principal Mike Smalley.

Dr. Hendricks is an experienced and dedicated administrative leader and educational instructor. Her worldview is manifested in her commitment to love God and neighbor with all her heart, soul, and understanding. As President of Unity High School, she will work to help students cultivate the Catholic faith in their lives and throughout the school.

Dr. Hendricks is committed to passing on the faith through catechesis interwoven throughout the high school educational experience.

"Throughout my life, I have found that bringing truth into daily lessons and grappling with life's difficult questions reveals the mystery, love, and mercy of God. It helps bring clarity to why we are here, what our purpose is, what matters most, and what matters least," Dr. Hendricks said.

"By expanding our leadership team, we are preparing for growth at Unity High School," said Tom Bengtson, Unity High School Board of Directors chairman. "Dr. Hendricks is an inspiring witness to the faith, excellent teacher, and compelling leader who will serve the Unity High School community very effectively as the school's first president."

Dr. Hendricks has an undergraduate degree in Education from Crown College, a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership, and a Doctorate Degree in Education from St. Mary's University in Minneapolis. She has been a keynote speaker for academic conferences and continues to serve as an advisor to those around her.

She has a wealth of experience teaching high school language arts and Educational Leadership graduate courses at Concordia and St. Mary's Universities.

Dr. Hendricks and her husband, Steve, have four children and four grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with family and being outdoors with their horses, dogs, and cats.

The members of the Board of Directors of Unity High School are honored that Dr. Sheila Hendricks has said accepted this position!

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