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Bri Berstrom(right) spoke with Kendall Mark of Fox 9's "The Jason Show" on camera after the two led the 9th and 10th grade choir through rehearsal Thursday. Mark visited the choir as part of a recorded segment of the show in which Mark got to try out Berstrom's job as the Belle Plaine High School choir director for a day.

Belle Plaine High School Choir Director Bri Bergstrom seldom has a normal week. 

She one time discovered that her students brought in a fish tank with live fish. On her birthday, her students sent her chasing hundreds of feet of wire on a scavenger hunt prank that ended in a treasure trove of birthday sweets.

But when she got word that the Jason Show's Kendall Mark would be visiting her class in response to a request to be on the show to record a segment, it was a little bit crazier.

"This was super cool," Bergstom said after the 9-10th grade segment of the choir day Thursday. "I'm a big fan-girl of the show, so I'm just ecstatic."

The Jason Show, a variety show that currently airs on Fox 9, has multiple segments. Mark visited Berstrom's choir classes last Thursday as part of the segment that brings her into others' jobs to 'try their 9-5's.'

Mark got to experience what it was like to direct high school choirs last Thursday when she stood where Bergstrom stands on a weekly basis in front of Belle Plaine High School's choirs.

While there, she led warm-up exercises and heard the choirs' renditions of show tunes which Mark knew very well. 

"Who doesn't love Chicago," Mark asked after the 9th and 10th grade choir sand "All That Jazz." 

I thought this was awesome."

The choir room on Thursday was packed to the brim and squirming with adolescent energy. Bergstrtom stated that although the day may have seemed crazy from the outside, Mark in fact got a genuine slice of what Bertstom's job entails. 

"I wanted her to see what we normally do," Berstrom said. "They're all like my kids, so it's exciting to share."

Mark noted that the show segment is still in its infancy, so Thursday's segment with Bergstrom will be among the first. She added that she is not sure when the segment might air, but it will likely show sometime in May to line up with Teacher Appreciation Week, which runs from May 6-10.

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