Belle Plaine Vets Club retired 692 faded and tattered American flags

The Belle Plaine Vets Club retired 692 faded and tattered American flags on Saturday, Oct. 10.

Hundreds of faded and tattered American flags were respectfully burned and buried on Saturday, Oct. 10.

“The American flag represents the United States of America and the men and women who gave their lives  for our freedoms,” said  Kris Otto, secretary of the Vets Club. “You honor the flag by retiring it properly.”

Throughout the year, residents drop off their worn-out flags in a box in front of the Vets Club, and every October, the Vets Club properly destroys them during the Flag Retirement Ceremony.

“What we do is put up four bricks and a grate over them. We light the flags one at a time and put them across the grate. We keep adding and adding until they are gone,” she said.

When all of the flags are retired, the ash underneath them is swept up and buried.

“It would be just like you are going to honor your grandma and grandpa by burying them properly,” Otto said.

In total, 692 flags were retired on Saturday.

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