2020 Fall Harvest Medallion

The annual Fall Harvest Medallion Hunt, a prelude to the annual Belle Plaine Scenic Byway 5K and Half-Marathon races, begins with clue #1.

If the medallion is not found this week, a second clue will be published in next Wednesday's Herald (Sept. 30).

The BP Scenic Byway 5K and Half-Marathon Races are scheduled for Saturday, October 10.

Last year Joey Gorman, Lauren Johnson and Collin Schultz found the Harvest Hunt Medallion under a rock in Townsend Park.

The search area includes all of the Belle Plaine city limits northward to the railroad tracks, so the medallion will be south of the tracks. The medallion is located on public property and is not more than six feet off the ground. It is not on the Hooper-Bowler-Hillstrom Historical House property or inside the Tiger Park baseball field. Those searching on foot are encouraged to use the tunnel to cross Highway 169.

The medallion is about two inches in diameter and has "Belle Plaine Harvest Hunt 2020" inscribed on it. The prize  for finding it is $100. If you find it, call 952-212-1060 and leave your name and phone number.

Harvest Hunt Clue No. 1

Hey Garfunkel !!!

Don't be lame; it is time to get on your Game.

Scenic Byway River Run will give you some Fame.

Get off your couch and be a Harvest Hunter.

These clues are kid friendly. Are you a Punter?

Time to get on Super X and take a ride.

Put on leather pants in case you take a slide.

Select a partner for your team.

You might choose Hank. Will he find the stream?

Blow your bugles; let the dogs loose.

Remember the hunt is not for moose.

A small medallion must be found.

The reward is always just a few pound.

Many different numbers are in the mix.

Roll on the grass and show us some trix.

The date 10.10.2020. Happy #10.

16 & 17 my favorite numbers. Ask a wren.

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