Scott County Sheriff's Office

A level-three predatory offender moved to Jackson Township on June 9, according to a community notification from the Scott County Sheriff's Office.

The offender, identified by the sheriff's office as Johnnie Lee Rhodes, also known as Me Sahir-Alim Saifullah or Mr. Saifullah/Rhodes, will live in the vicinity of Dem Con Drive in rural Shakopee.

“The Scott County Sheriff’s Office takes an aggressive role in verifying predatory offender registration and making that information available to its residents,” said Sheriff Luke Hennen.  “We want to follow the law and make sure that everyone is aware and knowledgeable about this person moving into the community to hopefully ease anxieties and fears.”

Rhodes served approximately 10 years in prison after engaging in sexual contact. In 1998 Rhodes and two other accomplices encountered a 13-year-old female who had run away from home. The accomplices gained her trust by offering what they purported to be support for the runaway. They then took her to another location where she was sexually assaulted.

Rhodes then left the scene before the two other accomplices who then murdered the female.

The courts found that Rhodes was not involved in the murder; however, he was tried as an adult despite being 17 at the time. As a result, he was sentenced to 105 months. In 2004, Rhodes was released with a risk level of two. Because of technical violations, he was brought back to his institution and reassessed and given a risk level of three in 2007.

In 2008, Rhodes was re-released to intensive supervision and remained law abiding until 2010, at which point many of his rights were restored to him, and he was taken off supervision.

Rhodes continues to be off supervision and has remained law abiding. Additionally, Rhodes will be taken off the predatory offender registry on July 11, 2020, at which point he will no longer be subject to broad public notification.

The community notification hearing regarding Rhodes's relocation can be found online at

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