The Guild Crisis and Recovery Center is located in Savage, Minnesota off Highway 13, on the NW corner of Ottowa Avenue and 124th Street. 

The first mental health Intensive Residential Treatment Facility in the Southwest Metro will begin treating clients on November 16, 2020.

The Guild Crisis and Recovery Center is located in Savage off Highway 13 on the NW corner of Ottowa Avenue and 124th Street. 

The center offers 24/7 Intensive Residential Treatment Services and 24/7 Crisis Stabilization Services to individuals living with mental illness. The entirely new center was designed by UrbanWorks Architecture around trauma-informed planning principles, ensuring that people of all backgrounds feel welcomed and safe. With ample integration of daylight, connections to nature, and a variety of calming design features, the architecture itself promotes holistic recovery and peace of mind.

 “We are so proud to be officially becoming a part of this community,” said Guild Executive Director Julie Bluhm.

This 16-bed facility with individual rooms and bathrooms aims to cater to each person’s individual needs. Comfort and stability are at the heart of Guild’s services, with staff ensuring each resident feels safe, empowered, and cared for. Equipped with a large dining room where staff and clients can connect, beautiful group rooms, and welcoming therapy spaces, Guild ensures each person has what they need to succeed.

Guild’s Crisis and Recovery Center in Scott County is a partnership between Guild, the city of Savage, Scott County, the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Shaw-Lundquist Associates Inc., and UrbanWorks Architecture LLC. 

For more information, visit or contact us at

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