Rich Draheim

Sen. Rich Draheim (R-Madison Lake)

Belle Plaine is among the cites and counties within Minnesota Senate District 20 positioned to receive a portion of $841 million in COVID-19 federal relief funds. 

Sen. Rich Draheim (R-Madison Lake), announced Wednesday that the Minnesota Senate struck a bipartisan deal creating a formula to distribute those funds to local governments.

"This bill ensures that communities in Greater Minnesota that have been impacted by COVID-19 will receive equal access to the funding needed to rebuild and restore local economies,” Draheim said per a release.  “This compromise guarantees fair distribution to every county and city and I am pleased to see this passed to ensure local governments receive access to these federal funds without delay.”

Minnesota reportedly received over $2 billion from the federal government to help local governments, health professionals and businesses fight COVID-19. The funds then went into what was termed the Federal Coronavirus Relief Fund so it could be deployed where it was needed most.

The senate agreement would distribute a portion of the federal funds earmarked for local government, about $841 million, to Minnesota towns, cites and counties based on population.

Based on the formula, Belle Plaine would receive about $558,121.

On Wednesday afternoon, Minnesota House Democrats defeated a motion to take up the Senate bill in the House. It will now go to the House Ways and Means Committee for possible amendments. 

Other totals settled in the Senate version of the bill listing what other communities stand to benefit are listed below:


• Le Sueur County – $3.468 million
• Rice County – $8.048 million
• Scott County – $17.720 million
• Belle Plaine – $558,121
• Bridgewater – $45,475
• Cedar Lake – $75,975
• Dundas – $118,360
• Elko New Market – $359,298
• Helena – $46,725
• Kasota – $40,050
• Lanesburgh – $50,975
• Le Center – $190,159
• Le Sueur – $308,217
• Lonsdale – $311,005
• Montgomery City – $231,973
• New Market – $89,425
• New Prague – $606,941
• Northfield - $1.539 million
• Shieldsville – $29,675
• Webster – $45,800
• Wheatland – $32,575

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