Henderson held the second Prince festival

Henderson held the second Prince festival from June 5-8 at the Henderson RoadHaus. Pictured above are New York artist Moises Suriel, Amira Mendoza and Eli Dykstra (releasing the doves), Sammy G (an older cousin of Prince’s) and Prince tribute artist Johnny Rogers. (Photo by Rachel Wittrock)

Henderson donned its Prince purple again last week for a four-day Prince celebration from June 5 to June 8.

The festival kicked off with Chase and the Ovation on Wednesday night and Martin Kember and the Unit, with special guest Jellybean Johnson on Thursday night.

Thursday’s concert attracted a crowd of Minnesota and out-of-state residents. Prince fans from Colorado, Illinois and California made their way to Henderson, and there were even guests from Australia.

The crowd was intoxicated with the celebration of Prince’s legacy. Everyone was cheering for the performers and grooving to the tunes. The song “I Wanna Be Your Lover” drew everyone from their seats to the dance floor.

The concert also acted as a great source of business for local artistry. Rob Reardon, or “Dr. Metal,” a metal art specialist from Restoration in Progress who made the metal Prince monuments in Henderson, was present. Moises Suriel, a professional artist who painted the Prince mural on the Henderson Healing Hub building, returned and was selling his Prince portraits. Kimberly Darden of Lettering Unlimited had Prince merchandise like t-shirts and keychains available.

The night ended with Prince’s classic “Purple Rain” mellowing down the tired crowd into sweet memories of the legend’s era. The concert proved to be a true treat to Prince’s fans who keep his legacy in Henderson alive and thriving.

Saturday’s events

A crowd of loyal Prince lovers gathered in the Henderson RoadHaus on sunny Saturday for more music — and perhaps enjoy the occasional “Purple Rain” mixed drink special — in honor of Prince.

Eli Dykstra, a 17-year-old guitarist from Boyden, Iowa, and Le Sueur vocalist Amira Mendoza, who will be starting 10th grade at Minnesota New Country School in the fall, were crowned the winners in the first Talent Show on Saturday afternoon.

Jerome Newson and Johnny Rogers closed out the evening’s entertainment as the party extended well into the night hours.

— Rachel Wittrock contributed to this story.

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