Teen Teachers in the Scott County 4-H Youth Teaching Youth program

Teen Teachers in the Scott County 4-H Youth Teaching Youth program taught Shakopee 4th graders about peer pressure, alcohol and tobacco, and good decision-making.

Photo by Sarah Odendahl, Scott County 4-H Program Coordinator

Did you notice anyone wearing a bright shirt emblazoned with the 4-H logo yesterday?

4-Hers in Scott County and around the nation are showing their love for the organization during National 4-H Week by wearing their 4-H t-shirts. The annual event runs Oct. 6 – 12 and is recognized by youth and adults around the United States.

This year’s theme, Inspire Kids to Do, is at the center of what 4-H stands for and promotes.

“We encourage youth to take leadership roles and learn about things they are interested in through hands-on, self-directed learning. We want kids to be engaged,” said Sarah Odendahl, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Scott County.

For over 100 years, 4-H has worked with young people to empower them make their lives and communities better. As the largest youth development organization in the country, 4-H welcomes over six million students to help them find their voice and grow in their communities.

Odendahl pointed out that many 4-Hers have parents or grandparents who were active in the organization. For them, 4-H is a generational activity that involves the whole family. Others are newer to 4-H but are equally welcome.

“We reach out to all youth and are accessible to all youth to come and learn and grow,” she said.

No matter what a student’s background, 4-H offers each child the same opportunities to learn new skills and take on leadership positions.

“We want them to learn, get their hands in there and learn something. We want to inspire them to try new things,” said Odendahl.

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