Scott County

Scott County is looking for a local artist to design and develop a painted mural depicting Scott County. The mural will be located within the new Government Center building, which is currently under construction. The mural will be located where our patrons enter the primary building and it will be the first thing seen when entering the building.

Proposals are to be submitted by March 30. Work is expected to be performed in early 2021.

Location and Specifications

The wall is located on what is currently an outside wall of the Scott County Government Center. Once the new building is completed, this wall will be inside and will join the Government Center with the new building. The wall is 21 feet wide and 21 feet 6 inches tall. The bottom three feet will be covered with tile, and there is a door in the bottom left corner. The wall will be covered with gypsum. Artists are urged to use creative reasoning for the placement of the mural within the wall, and a hard edge finish is not required.

Work will be performed on site at 200 4th Avenue West in Shakopee.


Scott County is soliciting proposals for a mural adding interest in a manner that enhances community identity. The mural can include a focus on history, current, and/or a vision of the future. While there is no specific theme, they want it to be engaging, connecting, and welcoming. They request that there be no specific historical figures within the mural. Paint is the medium to be used for the mural.


March 31, 2020 at 4:30 p.m.: Deadline for Entries:

April 1, 2020: Notice of Receipt e-mailed to artists

Until June 15, 2020: Staff will evaluate entries, meet with artists, and choose an artist

June 30, 2020: Estimated date for notification of winning entry. Return of Entry Packages for all others (if self-addressed stamped envelope included)

August 1, 2020: Staff recommendation of mural design to County Board of Commissioners

October 1, 2020: Final Design determined.

1st Half of 2021: Work on and completion of mural (This date will be narrowed in the 2nd half of 2020)

Criteria to be used in the Evaluation Process

  • Quality: Of highest priority will be the inherent quality of the work.
  • Style and Nature: The art shall be appropriate in scale, form, and content for the location. Scott County is open to any style or form so long as it adds to the visual interest and cohesiveness of the area.
  • Element of Design: Scott County will take into account that public art has considerations other than the aesthetic. It may also serve to establish a focal point and modify, enhance, or define the space.
  • Permanence: Consideration will be given to surface integrity, relative permanence, reasonable protection against weathering and graffiti, and excessive maintenance and repair costs.
  • Pricing: The total cost of the project.

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