Dr. Whitney Davidson opened her practice, STAR Dental Health, after Dr. Steven Jabs and Sarah Jabs retired

Dr. Whitney Davidson opened her practice, STAR Dental Health, after Dr. Steven Jabs and Sarah Jabs retired and sold Jabs Family Dentistry.

Since he was 15-years-old, Dr. Steven Jabs knew he wanted to be a dentist.

“I just wanted to be a boss, I wanted to go into the medical field, I wanted to help people on a personal and individual basis where I would know them by name. It fit all those categories,” he said.

Dr. Jabs worked diligently towards his goal, receiving his DDS from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 1982 and then opening up his own practice, Jabs Family Dentistry, in Belle Plaine.

He was happy to return to Scott County, having grown up in Jordan, and to be working at a job that was different every day with a client base that was both familiar and growing.

“Pretty much every six months, there are patients that I’ve seen three or four generations of their families over that length of time. You really get to lock into a community that way,” he said.

His wife, Sarah Jabs, worked alongside him as an assistant administrator at the practice.

“I loved interacting with the patients,” she said. “I knew pretty much all of them. If they came in, I’d come out here in the waiting room and sit and talk with them until they went back.”

The pair said they will both miss their patients in their retirement.

In December, Dr. Jabs officially sold his practice to Dr. Whitney Davidson and retired from the industry.

“Now it’s time for us to spend some time doing lots of road trips. I want to do some fishing and some hunting; I want to really spend time enjoying our four children and two grandchildren also. I’m looking forward to it; it’s another chapter in the book,” he said.

He thanked the community members for their continued support of small town dentistry, his entire family and wife for encouraging his dream, and his staff for their hard work over the years.

Now, Dr. Davidson is thanking the community, too, for embracing her practice, STAR Dental Health, with a warm welcome.

Dr. Davidson has been working as a dentist for 14 years and has owned her own practice in Duluth for 10 years.

She opened her Belle Plaine business in the middle of December after moving down to Chanhassen for her husband’s job.

“I’m very excited to be part of this community, because the patients are very similar to my patients in Duluth. They are just really a delight to be around and so that has been really fun,” she said.

She hopes to continue growing her business by providing new services for her patients.

“My hope in the future is to really be able to provide for the community orthodontic treatments, sleep apnea treatments, and increased technologies as the time goes on,” she said. “For instance, at my old practice, I had the capability to do same day crowns; my hope in the future is to be able to offer that for patients.”

In the meantime, her immediate goal is to help all of her patients to the best of her abilities and to give them the highest quality of care possible. 

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