On Saturday, Oct. 3, a bull got loose after escaping from his trailer at a Belle Plaine gas station.

On Saturday, Oct. 3, a bull got loose after escaping from his trailer at a Belle Plaine gas station.

On Saturday night, Oct. 3, several neighbors, members of the police department, a veterinarian, and animal control officials spent over two hours tracking down a bull that got loose from his trailer in Belle Plaine.

Around 6 p.m. a driver stopped at the gas station on the 100 block of Aspen Lane North. He had just bought a bull at an auction that day. While at the gas station, the bull managed to get loose from his trailer and started wandering around the parking lot.

The Belle Plaine Police Department responded and contacted Dave Steinmetz with Critter Getters. Steinmetz said he’s been doing pest control for the City of Belle Plaine for nearly 15 years and has responded to just three cow related calls.

“When you are standing ten yards away from the bull and you look at him and he's got a head the size of a small kid’s sled, it makes you think this is not going to end well,” he said.

Steinmetz said the animal was difficult to capture, as the bull  escaped several attempts to be lassoed and pinned down.

“We’re talking about a 1200 to 1500 pound animal; he’s gonna do what he wants, and he did,” Steinmetz said.

He said the animal charged at him and at an officer, though both managed to get out of the way.

“Luckily, he had no horns. Otherwise, it could have ended up a lot differently,” he said.

One person did have minor injuries from the events on Saturday but declined medical treatment, according to Police Chief Terry Stier.

Around 8 p.m., the bull was cornered, and Veterinarian Dan Kreuser was able to sedate the bull with a tranquilizer dart. The bull was then loaded back into his trailer unharmed.

“The whole key is to contain the animal without getting him panicked. The Belle Plaine Police did a good job of that, keeping him confined without getting him riled up,” said Kreuser. “Hats off to Critter Getter Dave. He moves quietly and slowly and he is very good with animals, and that’s important.”

Steinmetz said safely capturing the bull was a real team effort.

“Everybody was putting the safety of the public before the safety of themselves,” he said.

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