Alycin Glowicki

Alycin Glowicki

Alycin Glowicki, an eighth-grader at Trinity Lutheran School, was named a state grade-level winner for the 28th annual Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest.

In a letter dated March 18 from the education company that promotes handwriting, Trinity’s principal and teacher Daniel Whitney got word that Glowicki was given the honor of representing Minnesota in competing for the grand national champion title. Glowicki was one of around 280,000 students nationwide who vied for top spots.

For Whitney, cursive may be a skill that is rapidly fading from schools’ curricula around the country, but at Trinity, it is as important as ever.

“It’s a great skill. It’s a skill that I think we’re losing today. It’s dying out because there’s only so much room in the school day,” Whitney said. “You’re going to use it in business and in a lot of places.”

Presently, Trinity students begin learning cursive fundamentals in second grade. By third grade, they are fully immersed in learning penmanship.

Glowicki noted that the contest was a natural extension of her interests.

“I’ve tried to have pretty good handwriting for people to see and read,” Glowicki said. “It kind of just came because I like to try different things.”

Whitney and Glowicki are  waiting to find out whether Glowicki will be named a grand national champion on or before May 1.

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