Paying it forward can look different for each person. For Nick Peters, it started with a little kindness in a field of sunflowers.

Peters, a local photographer, has been taking photos in beautiful sunflower fields that were planted by his friend, Johnny Fish.

Fish and his wife, Sarah, planted the fields near Andover as a gift to the community to bring a little joy to the world, said Peters. Rather than charging a fee for people to visit, the fields are open to the public for everyone to enjoy. Even donations are turned down.

Peters, who's been a photographer for the past seven years, started by taking photos and selling prints of the sunflowers at sunrise and sunset. That grew into doing photo sessions for clients in the fields.

However, it didn’t feel right to Peters to be making money off Fish’s kindness.

“I decided to use that money to pay it forward in my own way,” he said.

Peters looked around the community and found a group that he thought could use a little extra appreciation.

Every Wednesday, he drops off donuts for local police, firefighters and first responders in the area.

With close family and friends who are firefighters and police officers, Peters felt it was important to show them kindness.

“I wanted to let them know that we support them and appreciate them and what they do for our community,” he said.

Born in Hastings, Peters moved to Belle Plaine with his family eight years ago and has been dropping off donuts primarily in Scott County. Departments in Shakopee, Jordan, Belle Plaine, and Hastings have all had visits from Peters.

Peters hopes his efforts will have a ripple effect and that others will be motivated to pay it forward in their own way.

“Even if one person does one thing, it can lead to more people doing something, and that’s what the world needs right now,” he said.

Peters work can be seen on his Facebook page at Nick Peters Photography or on Instagram.


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