2019 Harvest Medallion

Hunt for the Annual Harvest Medallion Has Begun

The annual Fall Harvest Medallion Hunt, a prelude to the annual Belle Plaine Scenic Byway 5K and Half-Marathon races on Saturday, Oct. 12, continues with the addition of clue # 3.  If the medallion is not found this week, a fourth clue will be handed out in front of the Belle Plaine Chamber of Commerce, 204 Meridian N. St., at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 11.

Last year Angie Johnson, with the help of Ann Miller, found the Harvest Medallion behind an orange safety strip on an electrical post on Chestnut Street immediately outside Annie’s Cafe.

The search area includes all of the Belle Plaine city limits northward to the railroad tracks, so the medallion will be south of the tracks. The medallion is located on public property and is not more than six feet off the ground. It is not on the Hooper-Bowler-Hillstrom Historical House property or inside the Tiger Park baseball field. Those searching on foot are encouraged to use the tunnel to cross Highway 169.

The medallion is about two inches in diameter and has “Belle Plaine Harvest Hunt 2019” inscribed on it. The prize for finding it is $100. If you find it, call 952-212-1060 and leave your name and phone number.

Harvest Hunt Clue No. 3

Maybe the lucky finder will be Joey.

Orlando and Hilda think not. He went to D.C.

Between you and me and the lamp post.

This location may even surprise most.

45 and the BIG O are newbees near.

I bet they can almost see me from thear.

Granite and basalt we will we will rock you.

Sticks and stones can break your bones. Whew!

Most everyone likes to shop Online.

Brick and Mortar for me said Josephine.

Clara and Grace are known by Daniel.

Now go back to your original plan-el.

Do I hear a river running?

Maybe not, just a hamberger sizzling.

Is that Chinese food I smell.

Guess not, said Ed. It’s hard to tell.

So thirsty. I want a pop.

Orange soda is at the top.

Yes I am not down by the Ward.

But nearby it is cloth by-the-yard.

Get to the bottom of this.

Harvest Hunt Clue No. 2

Now that you know where I’m hid

Get out of bed and put in a bid.

Read all about it in The Herald,

But don’t ask a guy named Harold.

Would I tempt you with a ham?

Just be smart and ask Sam.

Looking for Ward to see you training.

Lose the race and Becker you will be blaming.

Find me and EK will take a photo.

You might even see Dakoto.

If I must I will stoop to beg.

Don’t be fooled I have seen a keg.

It is possible that Charlie will find me.

“Not on my watch,” said Emma.

Little Richard might be in the mix.

OH MY Miss Meyer! Get me out of this fix.

Harvest Hunt Clue No. 1

Belle Plaine really is a River town.

River boats and River bridges all around.

River Run will soon be run.

River bottoms more meanings than 1.

They say the first clue is so much fluff.

Well that may be true enough.

I’ll just tell you where I is.

Then there will be no clues to follow this.

Enter Belle Plaine, Minnesota OK.

Put on your Brooks and run a 5K.

You will not find me while on your couch.

But if you do, jeez! I will be a grouch!

Can you run a half marathon?

No need for that in this hunt-a-thon.

I’m not very big, good eyes you need.

NOT IN TIGER PARK this you must heed.

Yep BP is like a quaint European village.

You won’t hear much about pillage.

Trails, churches, saloons, and shops.

Tom will always furnish enough cops.


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