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My husband, Angus, (our names for the purpose this tale) and I enjoy visiting local establishments and sharing our experiences.  We sometimes bring friends or family to make things interesting.

Recently, we found a free Saturday so we decided to go for a drive. Sushi had been on my mind for awhile and we went in search of a new venue. We stumbled across Bonsai Sushi and Korean Cusine in Chanhassen.  It happened to be happy hour -- so lucky us.

I know you’re thinking, sushi, ick. But trust me, they have far more than sushi, and until you’ve actually tried sushi, you can’t really brush it aside.

The fabulous Nicole, owner and server, welcomed us to our table and asked about drinks.  Well, it was Saturday afternoon and what better time than to open a bottle of wine?  I opted for the Pinot Nior (we’ll get into poor choices later) and dear, old Angus had a beer.  It was not just any beer, but the local offering of Kirin Iciban. Angus declared it very tasty indeed.

The menu is long, but we went for some happy hour choices to narrow things down. We started with Miso soup and moved onto a caterpillar roll and spicy snow crab, gyoza and harumaki rolls, and finally some bibimpop.

They were all super good and the menu actually explains what you’re eating, so there you go.

The meal was delicious, but with one major flaw. I had ordered a Pinot, and let me tell you, Pinot does not go with Japanese/Korean food. I made a rookie mistake and am quite embarrassed of it.

Nicole, however, had the perfect fix and brought me a glass of saki (they have four cold choices and one warm) to save the day.  Obviously, you have to pair the right drink to the food.

After we gorged, she  brought out some kim chee for digestion then suggested we try the crème brulee for fun.  Well, who am I to say no to perfect crème brulee, and because of the wine debacle, I had a beautiful red that actually complimented the dessert.

We will definitely go back and heartily give it 3 wine glasses (out of 4).

Bonsai is located at 420 Pond Promenade in Chanhassen.  It is open Monday through Friday,  11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and Saturday, noon to 10 p.m.

Don’t go on Sundays, it’s closed for your convenience. 

Cheers, Pearl

Editor’s note: Belle Plaine area residents Pearl and Angus will occasionally share their adventures when they are out and about.

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