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Dear Editor,

Defending our Constitutional Rights

The Democratic Party is promoting and has already passed two bills in the MN House that limit your Constitutional 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bear Arms. HF 8 – adds additional background checks on anyone wanting to purchase a gun (Minnesota already has such laws) and HF 9 (Red Flag Law) - forces the police to confiscate your guns if someone feels  threatened by you or think you are a threat to yourself. Your guns remain confiscated until you prove you are not a threat. As an American citizen, your RIGHT to due process – innocent until proven guilty (5th Amendment), your RIGHT to be protected from illegal search and seizure (4th Amendment), and your RIGHT to own guns (2nd Amendment) all have been violated. It is my opinion that the 2nd Amendment is our greatest Amendment because it prevents a tyrannical Government from eroding all of our other Constitutional Rights.  And is why the 2nd Amendment contains the words “Shall Not Be Infringed Upon”.  

We need your support. The Sibley County 2nd Amendment Coalition met with the Sibley County Commissioners during their meeting on Tuesday, March 10th and they agreed to vote on our petition that Sibley County would uphold your 2nd Amendment Right granted to each American in our Federal Constitution. This vote is scheduled for Tuesday, March 24th in the Sibley County Court House - Commissioner’s Room (2nd Floor) beginning at 9:00 a.m. Please contact each Sibley County Commissioner and plan to attend this vote in person to show your support for your Constitutional Rights.

District #1:  Bobbie Harder    507-665-3642        BobbieH@co.sibley.mn.us    

District #2:  Bill Pinske        507-964-5589        BillP@co.sibley.mn.us        District #3:  Jim Swanson    507-237-2505        JimS@co.sibley.mn.us

District #4:  Joy Cohrs        320-510-1466        JoyC@co.sibley.mn.us

District #5:  Steve Saxton    507-829-9260        SteveSaxton@co.sibley.mn.us

Daryl Thurn

Green Isle, MN 55338

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