Dear Editor,

This past week OLP hosted four homeless families, 16 people, including 10 children ages 2 months to 14-years-old. It was no surprise that we had many faithful volunteers (not mentioned here by name) that stopped ‘on the road to Jericho” to help those less fortunate.

There was, however, a pleasant surprise on Friday night when the Belle Plaine Royalty arrived to feed the infants, push toddlers on swings and play Go Fish with the older children. Queen Kara Reitz, Princesses Madison McGrane, Brook Adamietz and Isabella England, as well as German Days Princess Kimberly Teal, intuitively understood that their recognition in the community is not just ceremonial but also an opportunity to demonstrate leadership and give back. Applying the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” gives this community reason to be very proud.

West Union Lutheran will again host Families Moving Forward in November. Like the Levite and the Priest, if you were too busy to stop this time, please consider helping then.

Dennis Moriarty

Belle Plaine

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