Dear Editor,

RE: January 13, 2021 article

“Would the Superintendent’s Consulting Days Benefit the School District?”

Superintendent Ryan Laager has spent the last few years unsuccessfully job searching, after being a driving proponent of the failed community center debacle.

Why pay additional 15 days compensation for Laager to job search at the expense of the school district? For “consulting work” and “networking” with other districts Laager is compensated by those districts.

School Board members O’Brien, Kahle and Lenz showed support for the days at the school board meeting January 4th, as noted in the Belle Plaine Herald.

Ryan Laager has served Belle Plaine adequately during his tenure. The Belle Plaine students and community deserve the commitment, drive and passion of a superintendent who wants to be in Belle Plaine serving Belle Plaine students. I do not have students in the Belle Plaine school system, but as a member of the community I believe in providing the best for our students. Fact: The school board has been presented with Laager’s clear intention to move on and move out of Belle Plaine.

A more important question is “Why is the School Board not pursuing a search for a new superintendent?”   

Linda Lawler

Belle Plaine

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