Dear Editor,

We are LOST customers to the new beautiful pool you have in town.

I arrived Sunday, August 4th with my three kids and my niece and nephew only to be turned away because we weren’t residents. I was told to feel free to come back at 4:00 which was 3 hours later, when it is open to everyone. I was told it was the council’s policy and there was nothing they could do, and that it’s right here in the pamphlet and on the Facebook page.

Well when I saw that it was opening weekend I thought great! Something close by that I can take my kids to and if they like it I will get a seasonal pass next year so the baby sitter can take them. I didn’t stop to think I better check to see if they will turn me away. It was a Sunday, and a perfect family day activity.

We drove the 25 minutes to get there only to be told we can’t get in because we aren’t residents. We were willing to pay but that didn’t matter.

I find this completely unacceptable. I understand the free swim for residents but to completely turn away paying customers for 5 hours of a prime day of the week of which we want to spend with our family? We were all very upset and I will not be allowing my family to go there going forward.

I wonder if the council realizes the lost revenue from this one day of turning people away? Between the cost of getting in, the treats I would have purchased, the season pass for my whole family for next year, all the way down to the local business I was planning on eating at afterwards. None of which happened.

Severely disappointed and I know I was not the only family turned away in those five hours. Again I didn’t expect free swimming, only the choice to pay to get in and support the pool.

Chantel Barnett

Montgomery, MN

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