Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The Prince Legacy Henderson Project (PLHP) is raising $40,000 to install a life-size bronze statue of Prince near the current bench and mural.

As Henderson residents, we are in opposition to any additions to the Prince Memorial, and encourage you to do the same. We don’t think it’s right to raise a monument for Prince when we have so much other rich history in Henderson that doesn’t have this “over-the-top” recognition.

The city informed that the memorial is on private property, and no permits are required as long as the sidewalk is safely passable. We could start with the property owner or PLHP, by voicing concerns, asking to see plans, etc. The Henderson Chamber of Commerce could hold an open house to discuss the plans and what it means for Henderson. It’s up to us to show them that we do not want this.

The best things about Henderson are our wonderful people, our “come-together” volunteer spirit, community involvement, our love for the town and all its charm and beauty. We are not about raising a false idol for someone who spent two days here 35 years ago.

Prince was very talented, but we think it is dangerous to honor any person who did not lead a completely and totally exemplary life, unless he or she had a significant impact on the shaping of Henderson. The memorial is extravagant enough already. Henderson is full of history, charm, and uniqueness, and is about much more than Prince. This statue should be raised in Chanhassen or Minneapolis where it would be more appreciated.

We do think it is acceptable to remember our heritage and history by displaying modest memorials for folks like Joseph R. Brown, and dedicating parks and park benches to some of our cherished residents.

This memorial is excessive enough already and this sort of thing doesn’t belong in a blessed little town that still rings the church bells every evening.


Dave Rinehart

If you would like to take the next step to organize against this, please send an email to:

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