Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

As we enjoy the beautiful spring weather in our beautiful prairie town, this is a great time to remember our fellow citizens.

I have been really enjoying walking our two dogs with my daughter and as we get our exercise and bond I’ve noticed a lot of dog poop around. It is on the streets, the paths, peoples yards that don’t even have dogs, etc. Please take a plastic bag with you when you walk your dogs. It’s not too much to ask to shove one in your pocket before you leave.

My dogs have never pooped on a walk because we have a fenced in backyard where they do plenty of that, however I still always bring a bag just in case.

I’m sure all the families with little kids and even grown ups without little kids will appreciate it very much.

No one likes the feeling of accidently stepping in it, or your kids picking it up or your dog eating it. Yes, this is not the happiest thing to mention when spring hits, but I do think it is important.

Please do your part to make our Beautiful Prairie remain that way. I appreciate you listening and God Bless the U.S.A.  

Douglas Sloan,

Belle Plaine

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