Dear Editor,

I was reminded again this past week that the need to stay alert for scams is still here. When a client came in, she told me about a scam that recently happened to her. She is an elderly lady, but very alert and not someone you could easily take advantage of.

It was later in the evening and she said that she was tired when she got a phone call from a very pleasant sounding young lady telling her that they had detected a problem with her computer. She was convinced that it was real and she let the young lady have access to her computer. Well, you can guess how that ended. Not well. They got all of her information, including bank accounts, contacts, and passwords, and after several months she is still working on cleaning it up.

It seems like every day another version of a scam pops up. The IRS is constantly warning us of a number of them. The bottom line is that we need to always stay vigilant when it comes to suspicious activity. Whether it is an e mail, phone call or letter, if something does not feel right, stop and don’t go any further.

Peter T. Schoeppner,


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