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Dear Editor,

In an era of non-stop political screaming, it was my pleasure to attend an online Meet & Greet with Jon Olson, candidate for the MN State Senate District 20. This was my first chance to hear him discuss his positions on issues and I found Jon to be well spoken, well informed, smart, and down-to-earth.  This is my first time voting in a general election in this area of MN and I will be enthusiastically supporting him! As a veteran, he understands 2nd Amendment rights. I have two sons who know how to handle guns and who have spent hours target shooting out on the farm. Our family values gun rights and we recognize the need for common sense gun safety laws.  I encourage you to check out Jon’s stances on gun matters at   Vote for Jon Olson along with me in November.

Kind Regards,

Jo Walter

New Prague

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