Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

After reading about the upcoming referendum I felt that I had to write a letter asking about why the level of administration staffing in the district has increased so much from 2013. Yes, I served on the school board until that date. From that date to today the Jordan School Board has added the following, what I call administrative positions:

• Going from a half time special education director to a full time

• Going from a half time curriculum coordinator to a full time

• Adding a secretary to the athletic director position

• Adding what is called a public relations and communications specialist

• Adding one teacher for each of the three buildings to teach teachers how to be better teachers

• Almost doubling the number of staff that work in the district office.

Yes, I am sure you will hear the comment that the enrollment has increased. Yes it has but not to the degree that justifies the adding of the above positions.

In the referendum 2019 information it says if question number 1 fails the district will have to cut expenses by an estimated $200,000. So the question needs to be asked.

• Do we need a full time curriculum director or one that is close to full time in the district?

Do we need a full time special education director? We got by with a part time for many years.

• Do we need a full time athletic director and secretary?

• Does Jordan need a staff member who has the title of Public Relations and Communications Specialist? I wonder what the salary for this position is and isn’t this the job of the superintendent?

• Do we need a teacher in each school building whose job is to teach teachers to become better teachers? I bet the three staff members’ salary in these positions is close to $200,000. Isn’t this the job of the building principal?

• Do we need all of the extra stuff in the district office?

The money saved from dealing with these positions would off-set the need for Question Number 1 to be on the ballot.

In regard to the other two referendum questions, to me they are WANTS and NEEDS. Yes, I agree that there are some needs for the elementary school, many that could be taken care of by using capital improvement money, but the way that question is packaged, it to me means a no vote also.

Joe Benko,

Former Board of Education Member and retired

Principal of Jordan

Elementary School

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