Dear Editor,

This is in response to David Knightly’s letter published last week.

He is very mistaken with the truth and details that go into future planning and development in Belle Plaine, Belle Plaine Township, and indeed Scott County.

 There should not be any such thing as the midnight hour planning that will survive the scrutiny of our planning process. In our case, with all of our planning, there certainly was no such thing as the midnight hour.

Our property will be a sight of future development of Belle Plaine. Our location has been identified by the Met Council as an area of mineral reserves that must be addressed before any progress will be supported. We have been working with the professional staffs of Belle Plaine, Scott County, Belle Plaine Township, MN/DOT, MN Dept. of Natural Resources, and Mathiowetz Construction for about a year to plan, organize, and lay out the direction of the development based on the future 2040 Comp Plan that is being referenced to prevent any fly-by-night development that does not look to the health and welfare of the communities we will be working and living in for generations to come.

Belle Plaine Council and staff enforce many steps of planning and design in this direction. Scott County Planning includes several staff members that are charged with the duty of protecting our public, and they do just that! The DIRT Committee of Scott County considers, vets, and advises on any actions of development that are considered.

The public has the right, and indeed the obligation to monitor and question any plans of development, but they also share in the responsibility to attend the public meetings as posted and planned. We have had several public exposures and to our knowledge Mr. Knightly hasn’t been at any of the meetings to express his concern and allow us the opportunity to explain our process and thoughts.

The future of our community is indeed being watched and planned by elected officials, planning and zoning boards, professional planning staffs, and those of us that are willing to step forward and do our best to protect, support, and plan for the success of the future of our community.

We are the residents of this fine community and will never work on the midnight hour basis. There are countless hours of time and effort that are put in to all aspects of any development.

Please take the time to become informed in all the details of our planning and zoning requirements.

As an active member of our community, I can assure you all that we are in good hands. We are working toward the successful future of our home.


Randal E. Koll,

Belle Plaine

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