Dear Editor,

I would again like to pointedly address the visceral concerns of the 19 families who live in Oak Grove Court and on Elk Street South regarding the proposed multi-family structures behind our homes.

The term “visceral concerns” is used for the very many reasons stated over-and-over regarding this unsafe proposal. It is absolutely unconscionable and unreasonable to toy with the fair expectations and, in fact, with the happiness of these senior citizens in their remaining 10, 15 or 20 years of life by callously wrecking their daily hopes and dreams, particularly given that a good number of these solid citizens are dealing with health and medical issues. They all deserve much more than what’s being dealt them currently!

It’s nigh time for those in “officialdom” to “man-up,” properly dispense their mantle of responsibility and follow the correct and honorable course of action. Place the proposed development in a much better, safer and more satisfying location for all concerned, including the future inhabitants of those structures.

Within the laws, codes, etc., this can be done. It would become a win/win for all concerned and be so appreciated and life-fulfulling for a deserving group of loyal, hardworking, tax-paying seniors who have chosen to invest in the City of Belle Plaine.


John  Esgar           

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